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Customer Stories

What’s All the Buzz About Right-Size Packaging?
What’s All the Buzz About Right-Size Packaging?
It’s not a fad. Right-size packaging is here for the long haul and for the best reasons. Learn about fit-to-size packaging and why now is the time to optimize your custom box sizes to deliver a better unboxing experience for your customers.
Holiday Gift Ideas From Packola
Holiday Gift Ideas From Packola
Looking for a last-minute gift for your friends and family? We’ve featured some inspiring companies that offer curated selections of products anyone can enjoy.
Out of the Box Ideas for Your Halloween Party
Out of the Box Ideas for Your Halloween Party
From cutesy to spooky, here are fun ideas to scare away tired Halloween activities. Check out what wicked treats these small businesses can deliver, packed neatly in custom boxes, to keep the kids or your guests entertained All Hallows' Eve long.
Coffee Subscription Boxes That Bring Delight to Your Morning Cup
Coffee Subscription Boxes That Bring Delight to Your Morning Cup
Learn how small businesses from our Packola community made the unboxing of their coffee products more delightful and memorable for their customers.
These Custom Boxes Hold Cool Finds To Treat Yourself With
These Custom Boxes Hold Cool Finds To Treat Yourself With
Get inspired by these small businesses and learn how they use their custom boxes to boost their brand and promote their products. Check out this week's stories featuring our beautifully crafted boxes used as subscription kits, custom packaging, and more!
Tiny Easel: Curated Art Kits for Your Little Artists
Tiny Easel: Curated Art Kits for Your Little Artists
Scene-stealing Tiny Easel custom boxes have more to offer than beautiful & colorful packaging design. This art kit offers hours of creative fun for young artists while allowing parents to encourage their kids to explore art without having to worry about the mess.
Boxes for a Cause: Organizations That Are Paying It Forward
Boxes for a Cause: Organizations That Are Paying It Forward
Learn more about organizations—both for profit and non-profit—that are driven by a worthy cause. From providing NICU and frontliners care packages to sending tokens of gratitude to first responders, these organizations use custom boxes to make the recipients feel appreciated. Read more about them today!
Turn Virtual Events Into Amazing Experiences With Custom Boxes
Turn Virtual Events Into Amazing Experiences With Custom Boxes
Make your virtual events more impactful with custom boxes. Designed to highlight your brand, these boxes can serve as welcome kits and event loot boxes for your attendees. Learn how these small businesses boost audience engagement in their virtual events.
3 Wedding Suppliers To Add To Your Wedding Vendor List
3 Wedding Suppliers To Add To Your Wedding Vendor List
Planning a wedding is rarely easy and stress-free. If you add the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic and there are tons of restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed, it can certainly make any bride-to-be feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, with some perseverance and a little help from the right suppliers.
Pursuing Passion Projects, One Box at a Time
How do you communicate what your brand is passionate about? Read more about how these companies were driven to pursue causes close to their hearts. From fighting adversity, creating mindful habits, to giving back to the community, these brands deliver their goal one custom box at a time.
Unboxing the Written Word: Creative Custom Boxes for Books – Packola
Flipping the pages of a new book for the first time is pure joy. But what if you can make that experience more memorable for your readers? Get inspired by these wordsmiths and see how they use custom boxes to give their readers an unboxing experience like no other. Live Happy Tom Guetzke, an award-winning speaker, shar
3 Subscription Boxes To Make Learning Fun for Your Kids – Packola
The pivot to online classes and virtual learning has subsequently pushed unique subscription kits from mere concepts into viable businesses. From our Packola community, here are 3 amazing small businesses whose imaginative ideas, in beautifully-designed custom boxes, deliver a perfect mix of education and recreation.
Perfect Gift Boxes to Spread the Love This Valentine’s Day – Packola
Looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? Check out these awesome products that come in unique custom boxes from our Packola community. Learn more about the brands and discover the design inspirations behind their well-designed custom boxes.
Out of the Box Learning Opportunities
Learning remotely while keeping children engaged may be a challenging task—but one that some educators are keen to take on. From our Packola community, meet these business owners who are creating complete learning experiences using elegantly designed custom boxes that kids of all ages can enjoy at home.
These Custom School Boxes Are a Class Act
As students prepare for their physical or virtual classes, learning institutions can take this time to craft a fun welcome experience for them. And since custom boxes are always a good idea, why not create one as your students' back to school kit?
Subscribe to a Box of Self-Care
In this article, we put the spotlight on members of the Packola Community who’ve been helping customers take better care of themselves with specially curated personal care subscription boxes. Read on for inspiring self-care box ideas.
Fun and Functional Product Boxes From Innovative Small Businesses
Product boxes are crucial to setting the right impression about your business. We interviewed three innovative small businesses that serve pet vision, coffee roasting, and electronic learning. Check out how they got creative and showcased the brand in their unique products.
Sarah’z Girlz: Building Family Bonds with a Unique Business
For entrepreneur Jo Patterson, empowering girls and young women has been at the heart of her subscription box business Sarah’z Girlz. Since 2013, Patterson’s 501c3 business for girls five to fifteen years old has been instrumental in teaching, encouraging, and empowering a new generation of strong women who are confident
Dear Jacki Stitchery by Jacki Donhou
“Being a stay-at-home mom can make you go nuts. I mean, there’s only so many times you can put your toddler in the car and go walking around Target. For years, I worked as a Visual Merchandise Manager in retail stores. I was in charge of setting up the display windows of well-known clothing stores. Then in 2013, for th
Tatro Toy: Where Ingenuity Comes Into Play
Will Barrios transformed a treasured plaything from his childhood into a way that can help kids dream up their own funscenarios. “The creative adult is the child who survived” is one of toymaker Will Barrios’ favorite quotes – and one that puts the impetus behind his company Tatro Toy into focus. “My company was quite
Whoopla by John Vo
We don’t do boring! That’s the motto of my company @whoopla. We’re a promotional products company that prides ourselves on creating the most attention-grabbing swag possible for our clients. In an industry as competitive as this one, we’ve had to find a way to set ourselves apart.
Cypress Straws by Hannah & Jimmy Clements
“In the past two years, many restaurants, coffee shops, and chains across America have been obsessed with getting rid of straws altogether. This movement really took off after a video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose went viral. Suddenly, America was enraged and committed to getting rid of straws in ord
The Brewer’s Lab: An Entrepreneur’s Driving Passion – Packola
Transforming a hobby into an earning passion project has enabled entrepreneur August Comstock to take craft brewing to the next level ?  For August Comstock, true entrepreneurship starts with a problem, solving that problem, and then building a business around the solution. Currently in his mid-twenties, Comstock exu
Written Word Calligraphy: The Art of Exquisite Elegance
Karla Lim’s pursuit of art led her to start a business which has brought beauty and creativity into the lives of her students. Of all the arts, calligraphy is one of the most commonplace yet is also one of the most elegant. More than just a way of decorating everyday items, it has also become a means of self-expression