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Unique Ideas to Package your Products for the Holidays

Adding festive design elements to your products during the holidays can only take you so far. Stand out from the predictable red-and-green color palettes and pique your customers’ curiosity with something new.

In this article, we explore some interesting ways to make your packaging unique. We also go over key points to consider when ordering custom packaging for the holidays.

Unique Ideas to Package your Products for the Holidays

Zig When They Zag: 3 Ideas to Make Your Boxes Different

  1. Plantable packaging – The holidays are the season for giving, but all those gifts make for a lot of waste. One common way to reduce your packaging’s environmental impact is to use sustainably-sourced and recyclable materials. A unique option, however, is plantable packaging. The cardboard itself is embedded with seeds so you toss your boxes in your garden instead of the bin. It’ll take quite a number of years, but you'll be able to literally see the fruits of your labor. What packaging material can do that?
  2. Make it decorative – After opening up product boxes, the tendency is to throw them away. To avoid this, you can design your boxes in such a way that they are begging to be displayed, even with the products inside. This is easier to do with small boxes since they are the perfect size for Christmas tree ornaments, but you can also use larger boxes like mailers to create an interconnected holiday tableau. Another idea is to create different designs to add collectability.

  3. Unique Ideas to Package your Products for the Holidays

  4. Gamify your packaging – A surefire way to add interest to your holiday packaging is to make a game out of it. It can be an actual game, a random raffle, a coupon or voucher, or accumulation based redemption. A good example is when Dunkin Donuts added a raffle component to their cups. Once you’re done drinking your coffee, you can peel away the insulation to reveal your prize underneath. Adding different ways for customers to interact with your packaging ensures that your messaging is absorbed and not just thrown in the trash.

Make Sure Those Boxes Are Home for the Holidays

Once you’ve pinned down the x-factor of your holiday packaging , it’s time to execute. From last minute shopping to shipping delays, the holiday rush is a real thing. Staying organized and timely are key to getting your packages ready.

  • Plan ahead – With custom packaging, especially during the holidays, there is no such thing as being too early. It’s always better to have things on-hand versus rushing down to the wire. Always plan ahead so you have the luxury of time, whether your holiday campaign is for Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, or Valentine’s Day.
  • Seamlessly blend branding – Amidst all the festive design elements, don’t forget to put your branding front and center. It’s easy to get tunnel vision in making your product packaging unique, making your branding suffer in the process. Part of executing correctly is hitting a balance in your design. It has to convey a festive message while at the same time, staying true to your brand
  • Order on time – This goes hand in hand with planning ahead, but it’s so crucial that it deserves a special mention. Most reputable online printers such as Packola have specific holiday schedules posted on their website and socials to help guide customers. Ensure that your orders go through before the published deadline to avoid any hiccups.

Key Holiday Packaging Tips

Now that you’ve got the product packaging ready,it’s time to assemble your holiday boxes for maximum impact. No need for Santa’s little helpers for this one!

  • Get the perfect fit with void fill – There's no worse experience than opening a package you’ve been waiting for only to find that it’s dented, broken, or even shattered. Avoid any potential mishaps by protecting your products with void fill. You can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or custom tissue paper to keep your items intact while it’s in transit.
  • Layering isn’t just for winter – Adding layers to your holiday packaging ensures that the unboxing experience is lengthened and the anticipation of actually seeing the gift is heightened. Aside from void fill, you can add other packaging materials that tell a tale or contribute to the whole experience, such as note cards, sticker inserts, decorative tissue paper, and more.
  • Tertiary boxes are your friend – Sometimes, you hit the packaging design jackpot and your box is too stunning to mail. It looks perfect and to stick postage stamps on it would be an affront to the packaging gods. Consider using a shipping box to house your package instead. It will protect your package while in transit and give an added layer for an unboxing video.

  • Whether you decide to go the adventurous route for your holiday product packaging or take the traditional approach, the important factor is to partner up with an online printer you can rely on. With Packola, you can explore unique holiday campaigns and custom packaging with peace of mind.