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Custom Packaging Trends 2021

Top Custom Packaging Trends in 2021

Custom packaging can do a lot of work for your brand. It’s an effective marketing tool not only for catching the attention of your customers, but also for conveying your message to your target audience. Packaging will always be essential to the success of your business. That is why you need to invest in a good one and keep yourself updated with the latest custom packaging news and trends in the industry. If you are looking for something that can give you an edge over your competitors in the next several months or so, be sure to check out these top trends in custom packaging for 2021.


The Brewer's Lab by August Comstock offers beer making kits and refills for beginners. The kit is designed to offer customers the experience of an actual Brewmeister.

It may sound contradictory but applying sustainability in the production cycle of custom packaging boxes is not just a mere trend that will come and go. It’s here to stay. Consumers nowadays are becoming more environmentally conscious and discerning when it comes to their purchases. A growing market, particularly the younger generation, is keen on making informed choices with the products they purchase and consume. They want to know what it’s made of, who made it, how and where it was made, and the impact of their choices. Offering a product with sustainable or recyclable packaging can give your business an edge over your competitors. Aside from reusable custom packaging, using less water and packaging materials also fit the theme of sustainability.

Natural Colors

Jhericoco offers custom painted sneakers—the current trending must-have. It has been an exciting journey taking customer ideas and turning them into reality onto a piece of wearable art.

Using natural colors in retail packaging will still be a trend in 2021. Since consumers are looking for that organic look and feel, the use of soft colors or light and warm earth tones in various packaging will remain popular.

Vintage-Inspired Packaging

Women and Hi Tech is an organization that aims to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all

Retail packaging that has an old-school look is going to be a hit this year. You may come across packaging designs that are inspired by products from several decades ago like the 50s and 60s, which usually boast ornate graphic elements, subdued color tones, and old-fashioned fonts. But aside from the logos and labels, you may also see vintage-inspired packaging that features retro-style bottles, textures, and other materials—giving customers a blast from the past shopping experience.


Kyil & Co. is all about caring for your well-being and helping you achieve the benefits of self-care with their broad collection of skin care products.

Similar to vintage-inspired packaging, symmetry is making a comeback this year. You may find a lot of brands that will create perfect symmetry in their packaging designs. Aside from aesthetically pleasing results, the balance between graphic elements provides a sense of harmony and order.

Flat Illustrations

Places, Please! is a bi-monthly subscription box that provides a step-by-step acting curriculum for children ages 9-14

Flat graphic style or simplified illustrations are to be expected as well. Unlike detailed illustrations that we often see in product packaging, this style uses simple shapes and blocks of color to make the design stand out. One of the advantages that flat illustrations offer is that the text becomes more readable.

Abstract-Inspired Design

PAINTLoose by Houston artist Amy VanHoy, combines the artist's passion for painting and teaching through DIY painting tutorials, painting kits, and other creative tools for kids.

Making custom packaging boxes stand out with abstract designs will be more prevalent. The use of painting-like graphic elements that allow a lot of room for imagination and creativity will help in getting the attention of customers.

Single Colors

LULO founders, Mel and Mich, will have you rediscovering the joys of accessorizing with tastefully playful and colorful jewelry pieces.

The use of a single color in packaging will also be a trend. Both bright and bold colors and achromatic colors are used for this type of packaging design. This gives off a trendy feel that you won’t get from traditional packaging with a diverse color palette. It also creates a certain mood and can easily highlight the other elements in your design such as the text and images. When done correctly, the packaging can easily help your product stand out on the shelf and catch the attention of your customers.

Custom packaging can make or break your business. If you want your packaging to elevate your brand, then always be on the lookout for the latest trends in packaging design, materials, and more. You can learn a thing or two and apply them to your own custom packaging.

Planning to create custom packaging for your product? Be sure to get it here at Packola! We have the tools, equipment, materials, and talent to create whatever type of packaging you have in mind. Whether you need product boxes to be displayed on shelves or mailer boxes made to withstand deliveries, rest assured that we can produce high-quality packaging that can give your business a boost.