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Holiday Mailers

Holiday Packaging: Personalized to Give Your Customers a Memorable Unboxing

Holiday Packaging: Personalized to Give Your Customers a Memorable Unboxing

Creating custom holiday packaging is not just about branding. It can be a way for you to provide a memorable unboxing experience to your customers this holiday season. Whether it’s a gift or something that people purchased for themselves, enhancing otherwise plain packaging by adding a touch of holiday cheer to your boxes will surely help them enjoy unboxing your products.

Getting your holiday packaging in advance is always a great idea. You can skip the holiday rush, which can bring so much stress, and spend more time preparing for your upcoming promotions. To top it off, you can avoid any last-minute changes to the design and specifications of your packaging since you have a longer lead time before the holiday season arrives.


Be it a big online sale or an introduction of new products, holiday promotions can be more effective if you have dedicated holiday packaging. Boxes that are in line with the holiday’s theme are usually distinct and attractive enough to easily grab the attention of your customers.


What is the minimum order required for your holiday boxes?

There is no minimum order quantity here at Packola. Our holiday boxes are suitable for any budget, so you can order as few or as many as you want.

What is the size of the holiday box?

You can customize the size of your holiday packaging based on the following ranges: 3” to 25” (length) x 2” to 25” (width) x 1” to 15” (depth). Keep in mind that these are interior dimensions so take them into consideration when customizing the specifications of your holiday box.

Do you offer extra customizations for these boxes?

Aside from the size and material, you can also customize the design and choose the printed sides of your holiday packaging. You can create the design of your boxes using our online 3D design tool, which you can access straight on our website. You also have the option to print on both the inside and outside of the boxes, outside or inside only, and no print at all.

Holiday Packaging Ideas That Make an Impact

  • Go against the flow – A lot of brands and products will be using traditional holiday themes and motifs: red and green, red and white, and white and gold to name a few. Try going against the grain and opting for a different color combination. When done correctly, this will make your products stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • Amplify the effect with enhancements – Give your holiday packaging a boost by adding branded accents. We offer a selection of fully customizable packaging supplies. These can reflect the same design of your holiday packaging to add cohesion, or be different to add visual contrast. You can use custom tissue paper to wrap your products, packaging tape to secure the package, hang tags to provide information, labels for branding, and stickers as promotional giveaways.
  • Add a handwritten note – In this increasingly digital world, seeing the human touch matters. It’s a seemingly simple gesture that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your customers’ faces. You can use greeting cards, a piece of paper, or if you’re feeling extra, try custom hang tags.


Creating your holiday boxes here at Packola is quick and easy. With the help of our price calculator and built-in 3D preview, you can configure the specifications of your boxes and see how it looks in real time.

Set the dimensions of your box, choose your preferred material and printed sides, and input the quantity to instantly get the total price of your order.

The standard printing time for our holiday boxes is 12-15 business days. But if you are in a rush, you can expedite the production time to 6-8 business days. Visit our holiday production and shipping schedule page for more info.

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