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Custom Mailer Boxes

How to Use Packaging as a Marketing Tool


Packaging tells a story. With brand recognition, you have to take advantage of all opportunities you have available. Advertising can get expensive pretty quickly so you have to strategize and maximize all possible avenues. Using packaging as a platform for marketing is one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to expand your reach. It’s underestimated by many but designing your product packaging with branding in mind can play an important role in marketing strategy. Whether you’re a new company focusing on e-commerce or a neighborhood brick-and-mortar store that’s been in business for decades, advertising through custom packaging lets you communicate directly to your customers.


Stand out – One of the simplest ways to use packaging as a marketing tool is to go against the grain. Do your research on competitors, find out what they’re all doing in common, then completely do the opposite. It sounds risky and counter-intuitive at first but when executed right, this will pay dividends. Are all competitors using the same shade of blue? Why don’t you try yellow instead? Are they all using a blister pack? Why don’t you try designing a custom box? Going off the beaten path might not be for all, but it’s a sure-fire way of standing out from the crowd.

Provide information – Adding digestible nuggets of information, whether about your brand, the parent company, or anything in general is one way to add value to your packaging and make you more memorable. The best example for this is Snapple’s bottlecaps: even if it has been years since you last drank this classic fruit-flavored beverage, you know you’ll find an interesting piece of trivia upon twisting the cap open.

Change with the seasons – There’s nothing wrong with having a classic, timeless look for your product packaging. This fosters brand recall, after all. However, creating special seasonal designs has its benefits as well. Having exquisitely designed holiday boxes, for example, creates excitement about your brand and builds anticipation on a yearly basis.

Add a promotion – Sneak a promotion hidden beneath the layers of your product packaging. Since unboxing videos are all the rage nowadays, give vloggers a pleasant surprise by hiding coupon codes or cryptic promotions inside your custom box. You can also add playful elements such as games, math problems, or other interactive activities that make your customer engage with your product for a longer time than usual.

Harness the power of the internet – No matter how big or small your business is, whether you’re a single-man operation or employ hundreds, an active online presence is needed. It boosts engagement with your brand and lets you reach untapped markets. Add hashtags, QR codes, and website links to your product packaging so customers can read more about your brand


Brand recognition – With custom packaging, customers are able to quickly discern that a particular product is yours. Design plays an important role in creating instant brand recognition even from afar. It could be an awesome logo, an unforgettable slogan, an eye-popping color, or a combination of all three. Design your product packaging to create an impact.

24/7 advertising – Great packaging doesn’t stop its advertising role when it reaches the customer. Sturdy custom boxes, especially with aesthetically pleasing designs, end up getting repurposed into storage solutions at home or in the office. Your branding story can be told and retold endlessly.

Build a following – Related to brand recognition, as you establish trust with your brand, customers will be more likely to remain loyal to you and promote your products via word of mouth. Effective custom packaging inspires your customers to confidently advertise and give praise through social media and in person.