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Packaging 101: Beginners Guide to eCommerce Packaging

First impressions may not last, but they definitely count. This holds true especially in the ecommerce industry. Most of the time, the first physical interaction of customers with brands is the packaging that comes with the product they ordered. If you are a brand that aims to establish a connection with your customers and encourage repeat purchase, you need to strengthen your brand appeal—which can be done with well-crafted and well-designed ecommerce packaging.

Ecommerce packaging is the key to getting a good first impression from your customers. Low-quality packaging, for example, conveys a bad message. It makes your brand look sloppy and unprofessional, maybe even create doubt on the durability and quality of your product. Packaging that is well-designed and crafted with high quality materials has the opposite effect. It puts your brand in a good light, giving the impression that you put in a lot of attention and care to details. This can help establish customer loyalty and boost brand awareness.

Ecommerce packaging comes in different shapes, sizes, and packaging materials. Different packaging types also have different features and benefits. If you want to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your product, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the various types of ecommerce packaging:

Types of Ecommerce Packaging

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are almost always the first choice when it comes to ecommerce packaging. These boxes are sturdy and have excellent weight capacity. This type of packaging is also recyclable and has tons of space, which is ideal for shipping large or multiple items. Corrugated boxes can be used for a wide range of products from electronic gadgets to cosmetic products and beverages.

Padded Mailers

If you're typically shipping small or flat items, padded mailers are the most suitable packaging for your products. They provide enough space and protection for items such as jewelry, CDs, loyalty cards, and more. Padded mailers are cushioned with bubble wrap or shredded paper, which is an excellent choice if you want a more environment-friendly packaging solution.

Custom Ecommerce Packaging

What makes a custom box appealing and suitable for your ecommerce packaging is the customization features. You can practically choose every aspect of your packaging from size, shape, material, coating, and even the design. The power to create an unboxing experience that your customer will enjoy is in your hands.

Bags and Envelopes

Poly mailers, Tyvek envelopes, and plastic mailing bags are also great choices for ecommerce packaging—provided that you are shipping products that are light and require minimal protection. These packaging materials are lightweight, durable, easy to store, and self-sealing. They are ideal for shipping small orders. Similar to boxes, the bags and envelopes can also be customized to match your branding.

How to Create a Unique Custom Packaging Experience

Use Custom Labels

Custom labels are inexpensive and versatile tools that you can use to make your packaging more unique. Aside from sealing your boxes or bags, you can add branding elements to the design of these labels to impress your customers. Custom labels also come in various materials, shapes, and sizes.

Add Box Inserts

Box inserts can help ensure a snug fit. They can prevent your products from moving around inside the boxes during transit, which guarantees that they are in good condition when your customers receive them. Just like labels, you can also customize these box inserts to promote your brand.

Include Postcards

Postcards can be used in so many different ways. If you want to promote or convey a message, you can include them in your ecommerce packaging. Use postcards to welcome your new customers, ask them to follow your social media accounts, or provide exclusive coupon codes that they can use in their next purchase.

Custom Tapes

Instead of using the usual clear packaging tape, how about creating your own custom designed tape for your ecommerce packaging? You can also choose the color that works best with your boxes, bags, or mailers.

Personalized Notes

A simple and sincere handwritten note is still a great way to make a lasting impression. Thank your customer or welcome them to your community with your own words. Personal and genuine gestures like this won’t be easily forgotten by your customers.

Here at Packola, you can easily customize and print your ecommerce packaging. Use our product calculator to select the specifications of your boxes. You can also use our 3D Design Studio to create your own design online. Our custom boxes are made from premium-quality materials such as cardstock and corrugated cardboard to ensure the maximum protection of your products. Get the best deal for your ecommerce packaging today. Shop now!

See how Tiny Easel takes its packaging to the next level with custom-branded stickers, tissue paper, and tape from Packola. Watch the video to learn how these unique touches can elevate your brand.

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