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Packaging 101: What Is Industrial Packaging


Industrial packaging is an often overlooked albeit integral part in the product supply chain. It is used in practically every industry and as such, needs to be given importance. Simply put, industrial packaging is a blanket term that refers to securing and protecting products from the production point. It could be the one and only box that the product will be contained in, or one of many as it moves along the supply chain. It is highly specialized and customized to cater to your exact specifications.

By protecting your products right from the point of origin, you’re able to minimize the likelihood of damaged goods. When your wares or raw materials aren’t secured and protected from the start, you run the risk of having products that are not up to par reach the market, which may wreak havoc on your company’s reputation and value perception.


Owing to its specialized nature, industrial packaging typically requires a wide array of materials are extremely varied. There’s no be-all-end-all packaging material. Rather, the focus is on the specific requirements of a specific product.

  • Wood – Used for crates, palettes, and custom boxes to support heavy items.
  • Metal – Formed stainless steel is usually used for items of a specific size.
  • Plastic – This serves as a divider and for shrink-wrapping individual items.
  • Polypropylene – Used as a cushion for items to avoid damaging each other.
  • Corrugated cardboard – Most widely used and cost-effective industrial packaging solution.


For general purposes, corrugated cardboard is the go-to material for industrial packaging. It is affordable, durable, and easily customized. You can choose plain brown kraft boxes strictly for storage, or custom boxes printed in full color that can go directly to retail outlets or the customers themselves.

Fluted corrugated cardboard can withstand bumps and reduce impact damage that your products may sustain while in storage or in transit. This material has the perfect combination of strength and protection. This material works well with a wide variety of items, making it a cost-effective choice for industrial packaging. Corrugated cardboard acts like a car’s crumple zone where instead of damaging the products inside, the material itself absorbs the impact.

Don't let any opportunity for branding slip away. Packola lets you add vivid full color printing on your industrial packaging boxes so that in every step of the supply chain, your logo and brand message is front and center. This increases brand recognition especially with the behind-the-scenes audience that you might not have direct access to. Using customized boxes also minimizes the risk of your products getting mixed or lost with other boxes in a warehouse storage unit.


Order your industrial packaging solutions from Packola today. We offer cost-effective custom boxes to suit any requirement. Over the past few years, Packola has emerged as one of the go-to packaging companies that enables entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive in competitive industries. We offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The use of proper packaging has an environmental impact as well. With the efficient use of industrial packaging, your company can minimize waste and leave a low carbon footprint. Packola also offers eco-friendly packaging solutions and we’re constantly developing ways to make a positive push for sustainability. All of our corrugated cardboard materials are sustainably-sourced and recyclable. Moreover, we sponsor planting one tree for every $100 of sales.

Here at Packola, we can help you streamline your supply chain and packaging process. Incorporating industrial packaging into your operations need not be a complicated endeavor. Choose Packola and let our expertise in packaging and printing help your brand thrive and reach your business goals.

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