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Product Boxes FAQs - Everything About Product Boxes and Packaging

Get a better understanding of how our custom product boxes can help you showcase your brand’s best features. We’ve answered the most common questions about product box sizing, starting an order, ideal box materials, and more.

Product Boxes FAQs

What are product boxes?

Product boxes are custom boxes designed to hold small items. They are made to be displayed and attract attention. Product boxes are usually used for perfumes, jewelry, soaps, and other small products.


What type of product box do you offer?

We offer folding carton-type product boxes.


How much are the product boxes?

The cost of product boxes depends on the size, material, coating, printing, and quantity of your order. In general, the more boxes you order, the bigger you can save.


How do I make custom product boxes?

Get started by going to the product page. Customize the box details in the order calculator according to your requirements. Input the dimensions, material, quantities, and other customization options. The next step is to create your artwork online using the 3D Design Studio or upload your own. After completing your order at checkout, we’ll start producing your product boxes.



Are your product boxes recyclable?

Yes, our product boxes are recyclable. Remember to keep the packaging clean and grease-free before sending it to be recycled.


What are standard product box sizes?

We do not have standard sizes for product boxes. Every inch is fully customized to fit your specific requirements. However, common sizes are 3” x 2” x 5”, 4” x 4” x 4”, and 7” x 1” x 8” (L x W x D).


Do I need the box to have the exact dimensions of my product?

We recommend adding a little space or allowance inside the product box to make it easier to insert and remove the item. Don’t forget to take into account wrapping materials and other items you’ll be including inside the box.


Do you have free samples for product boxes?

We do not offer free samples boxes. However, you can order a single sample box.


Can any box be used for my products?

It would depend on the product you’re offering. For lightweight items such as articles of clothing, a cardstock product box will suffice. For heavier products such as wine bottles, corrugated cardboard would be a more suitable box material.


Can I print on the inside and outside of my product box?

Yes, you can. Click on ‘Printed Sides’ on the customization menu and choose if you want to print on the inside, outside, or both.


Do you offer design services for my custom product boxes?

No, but you can use our free 3D Design Studio to create your own custom product box design.


Do you have eco-friendly product box materials?

Yes, our product box materials are sustainably sourced and recyclable.


Where can I buy product boxes?

You can order custom product boxes here at Packola. We offer competitively priced, fully customizable custom boxes and other packaging solutions.