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The Demand for Corrugated Boxes

The Demand for Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated box industry has always been a mainstay in the market, diligently working behind the scenes. It was always there, but no one really paid any attention to it. However, over the past few years, gears have shifted and corrugated boxes are white-hot in demand. Whether they’re used as-is or customized and printed in full-color, cardboard boxes have become the product packaging of choice companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals around the world.

The Impact of COVID-19

One of the biggest factors involved in the rise in demand for corrugated boxes is the global pandemic. COVID-19 fundamentally changed consumer behavior. For individuals, personal safety is paramount so they would rather stay at home and order online, whether it’s food or retail. For businesses to survive, they had to adapt to the changing times. This meant pivoting to online sales, product delivery, and even diversifying.

This sudden shift exponentially increased e-commerce sales almost overnight. For the first year of the pandemic, consumers shopped more than $861 billion with U.S. online retailers, according to Digital Commerce 360, a market research firm. These millions of online purchases all need one thing to get to customers – packaging.

Protective packaging, specifically corrugated cardboard boxes, play an essential role in transporting goods from one destination to the next. Considering the lockdown restrictions in some regions, being able to safely and securely move goods is vital.

COVID-19 revealed just how integral corrugated boxes are. Even before the rise in popularity of e-commerce, cardboard boxes have already been a vital piece in the supply chain of many businesses. It is one of the few industries that didn’t encounter a setback when the pandemic hit, and in fact, it is doing even better.

Corrugated Packaging Trends to Expect

  • E-commerce – The rapid rise of e-commerce is far from over. Expect a lot more businesses to finally make the transition online, while existing ones will bolster their operations. This shift requires brands to create product packaging that’s engaging and leaves an impression. With such stiff competition nowadays, plain boxes won’t cut it anymore.
  • Made-to-measure – Having a one-size-fits-all approach to packaging is not recommended anymore. For one, an ill-fitted packaging can only damage the items inside if they are rattling around while in transit. You also spend more on shipping. Having corrugated boxes of the exact size of the items is beneficial for both the customer and the business.
  • Sustainability – Knowing one’s environmental impact is as crucial as ever. Consumers are becoming more and more discerning about businesses they support. Knowing that your brand’s product packaging is sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable shows awareness and that you’re taking an environmentally responsible stance.