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What Industry Uses Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the most popular packaging solutions used across the globe, but what industries actually use it? A lot. These boxes are popular for good reason. They are durable, lightweight, easy to customize, and eco-friendly. As far as businesses go, it is the perfect, all-in-one packaging solution.

Curious as to how different industries harness the qualities of cardboard boxes? We’ve featured below some of the most common ways mailer and shipping boxes are used by different sectors of the community.

Top Industries That Use Corrugated Cardboard

Food and Beverage – Cardboard boxes are a versatile choice for food packaging. You can use these as subscription boxes for curated food selections such as candied walnuts, chocolate bars, or homemade cookies. Make sure to use a custom pouch to seal in the freshness of your products!

Office Supply/Stationery - Onboard new employees with a custom corrugated box. You can include the company handbook, office supplies, and even merchandise or apparel to give them a complete and warm welcome. These can also be used for school onboarding boxes.

Industrial Supply and Logistics – Corrugated cardboard boxes are the ideal packaging material for industrial goods such as machine parts, small batteries, and other raw materials. The strength and durability of corrugated boxes help give shippers peace of mind that the packages will arrive on time and in one piece.

Textiles and clothing – Sending clothing and apparel through corrugated boxes is an easy way to add a layer of elegance. Delivering premium clothing in a shopping bag doesn’t offer the same appeal as unboxing a package and seeing it neatly folded. It improves and completes the brand experience for your customers.

Electronic Products – Electronics are fragile in nature so utmost care is needed when transporting them. The impact-resistant properties of corrugated cardboard help reduce the risk of damage to products that are being shipped or stored.

E-commerce – Mailer boxes are the go-to packaging of choice for subscription boxes and e-commerce fulfillment. Custom boxes are tailor made to offer a perfect fit for your products, which increases visual appeal and adds impact. The made-to-measure fit also helps prevents the products from shifting around while in transit.

Healthcare – Medicines, cosmetics, and other wellness products also benefit from the use of corrugated boxes. The cardboard protects the items inside and are safe even if the packaging gets dented from the outside. Mailer boxes can also safely house multiple small items such as pill bottles, medicine boxes, and first aid kits.

Relocation – Shipping boxes are perfect for moving. Whether you’re relocating houses or offices, corrugated cardboard boxes are your best partner in making the move as they are durable and impact resistant. As long as they are properly packed, you can ship off cardboard boxes without worrying that the contents will get damaged.

Marketing – Giving sampler boxes during tradeshows or to key influencers is one of the most popular ways of getting the word out about your brand. Curated mailer boxes give recipients a brief overview of the products you offer in an elegant way. Custom boxes are crucial since these giveaways are usually featured on vlogs and unboxing videos. Your packages need to be seen in its best light!