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What is Kraft Packaging?

By: Packola | Oct 15, 2021

Kraft paper is the most used material in packaging. Whether it’s used to wrap sandwiches or cold cuts, as a liner for deliveries, or as a corrugated cardboard box, kraft packaging provides endless utility bundled with an attractive price point. The ubiquitous brown material has become a staple for thousands of businesses over the years. But what exactly is kraft paper, and how did it all begin?

custom kraft boxes

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is named not because it is perfect for arts and crafts (even if it is), but because of the process involved. Paper production starts with converting wood into wood pulp. The kraft process treats the pulp with sulfates, increasing its strength significantly. Kraft in German actually means ‘strength.’ Because of its durability and cost-effectiveness, it quickly found its way to become the most popular packaging material for almost all industries.

Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes

  • Strength – Because of the kraft pulping process, kraft paper is strong, thick, and durable. When used as corrugated cardboard for custom boxes, kraft material provides strength and impact resistance to handle heavy loads such as canned goods, mugs, and jars.
  • Eco-Friendly – Kraft boxes are a great start for your business to go into green packaging. The corrugated cardboard material we use is sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. Chemical processes are also kept to a minimum. Use kraft boxes to help minimize the environmental impact your packaging has.
  • Affordable – Kraft corrugated cardboard is cheaper since you skip production steps like bleaching. Aside from keeping costs down, it also retains its natural color and texture, giving you a rustic and artisanal look. Even with its strength, kraft paper doesn’t weigh too much, keeping shipping costs down as well.

Create a Natural and Unique Look With Kraft Boxes

Brown kraft boxes are a popular packaging choice. The unfinished, natural look of the material lends well to an elegant, artisanal look. You can use our 3D Design Studio to personalize your kraft box to make it unique. Upload your business logo and add contact information, shapes, and colors. Keep in mind that due to the translucent nature of ink, the natural brown color of kraft will be slightly visible through your design. Use this to your advantage!

The minimalist feel of brown kraft can also help make your packaging accessories the center of attention. A custom label on a mailer box or a personalized packaging tape on a shipping box adds attention-grabbing visual contrast.

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