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Coffee Subscription Boxes That Bring Delight to Your Morning Cup

If you are a coffee lover, you’d probably agree that getting your favorite coffee delivered straight to your doorstep is the best feeling in the world —and that’s not an exaggeration. Having a cup of your favorite coffee first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day.

A coffee subscription, whether it’s weekly or monthly, offers more than just a good cup of coffee. It also helps coffee enthusiasts expand their coffee palate. If you love coffee more than anything (now, we’re exaggerating), then these coffee subscription boxes just might be your cup of tea coffee.


cat with pink box and coffee

Coffee Wizardz is the brainchild of Sam Brown and Chris Christen. With decades of experience in the coffee and hospitality industry, their goal is to imagine and create delicious, inventive drinks.

“We strive to make things that we are excited to drink ourselves. Our goal is to showcase interesting and rare coffees and honor them with creative recipes that showcase their unique flavor profiles. We love creating educational conversations around coffee with our community.” - Chris

Offering coffee blends from a variety of places such as Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Kenya, Coffee Wizardz deliver their coffee beans in beautifully crafted custom boxes that have a unique source of inspiration for their logo.

“Our logo was designed by our good friend Scott and it was inspired by his cat,” Chris shares. “For the box, we wanted something bold. Something that would get people excited when they looked out their window to see what was delivered. The pink is unmistakable and looks great under the bold, all caps font. Having these custom boxes sets us apart from all of the other packages people are having delivered while we're all quarantined at home.”

You can catch Coffee Wizardz at pop-ups, request them for private events, or hire them to collaborate on creating drinks in your establishment.

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girl wearing shirt showing her back and coffee boxes on the rocks by the beach

Seaworthy Coffee Roasters is located in Southern Rhode Island. They roast a small batch of specialty coffee for wholesale, private label, and retail. The brand is passionate about roasting delicious, high-quality beans that come from various regions such as Brazil and Nicaragua.

Seaworthy’s Head Coffee Roaster Jenna Hetzell tells us more about the inspiration behind the design of their custom coffee subscription boxes.

“Seaworthy's design was inspired by the environment here in Rhode Island. We're located near the ocean and have spent a lot of time on the water in different capacities, both for work and play. The square knot logo was hand-drawn and represents a common nautical knot used as a simple yet durable way to bind two ropes, or lines together. The brand represents the simple pleasure of a good, reliable cup of coffee made well.”

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open lid box showing coffee pods, closed white box

FreshPod is a coffee K-Cup producer that specializes in providing the freshest coffee you can get in K-Cup form in the market today. Their coffee is roasted with a fluid bed process. It involves roasting coffee on a bed of clean, hot air. FreshPod uses clean electricity to generate heat to make sure that the only gas that occurs during roasting comes from the beans themselves. This clean air roasting process produces a cleaner, more flavorful, and healthier cup of coffee.

Bryce Bull from FreshPod tells us more about the design of their subscription boxes.

“We designed this box to be very similar to the box our product comes in, just at a smaller size. We used these small boxes to give out samples of our products when we first launched just a few weeks ago.”

FreshPod guarantees that every order ships from their facility within 48 hours of roasting, making sure that their customers can enjoy the fresh taste longer.

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