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custom product boxes

Fun and Functional Product Boxes From Innovative Small Businesses

Product packaging is where the visual and tactical experience of your company come together. Whether your customer sees the item displayed in a store or delivered straight to your door, the impression you make hinges on the picture they create of your brand.

Once they open the product box, they see how much your company invests in protecting their purchased item. The first and last perception your customers create is in that customer experience of your product, which all begins with the box carrying the coveted item.

We've rounded up three small businesses that innovate both their product and the retail packaging. Their eye for details unique to their business is found in their product boxes, elevating every customer's encounter with their order.

Others' Coffee Roasts and Their Reusable Boxes

Others Coffee owners Brian and Ashley

Small business owners-slash-life partners Brian and Ashley opened their own specialty roasting company, Others Coffee, in Washington, D.C. Every batch is freshly roasted depending on the number of orders, which ensures that each customer receives only the highest quality grounds. Customers get complete details on their order, such as the farmer who grew the coffee and the region of the origin.

Brian employed his expertise as a graphic designer to create their business' coffee product box. According to him, "the inspiration of our design was the cereal boxes we loved as kids." Looking back on the interaction and fun of these designs, he used the cereal boxes as inspiration to create informative and engaging packaging. He also designed the box to get customers creative about how they'll reuse the packaging. Others Coffee has sustainability in mind with a design too adorable for you to throw away. Just check out the colors below, and you'll want to display them around your home.

Follow Others Coffee on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates on their coffee roasts.

Kite Vision Improves Your Furry Friend's Eyesight

Kite Vision Vet Box - custom product box

Kite Vision has helped our furry friends restore their eyesight with doctor-friendly, easy-to-use, and pet-approved lenses. They believe that "pets are not only part of our family and our memories, but also a part of us." Their lens designs are of the highest quality and have been inspected by the FDA. Coming from their experience of human vision for over a decade, they are now bringing this expertise into providing high-quality and precision lenses to family pets. They innovate not just their products but also your pet's needs as well.

The product box design for the lenses is in line with the item's design nature. Since their intraocular lenses are round, they played with this shape and used it as inspiration for the box's main visual elements. The hues used are the brand's colors, establishing and sustaining association with the primary palette.

You can check out Kite Vision's latest updates on Instagram.

Trolder Electronics Learning Kits

Trolder custom product box

Learning electronics may seem complicated, especially in schools or areas that don't have the tools to immerse students in the experience. The Trolder Company overcomes this barrier with learning kits that show the ins and outs of electronics. It's attainable to anyone who wants to know more about electronics.

All kits include components and easy-to-follow instructions anyone can understand. According to founder Luke Leyden, the goal is to make "soldering and electronics fun for everyone. " Trolder 's interactive kit engages users with immersive activities and produces tangible outcomes for learners of all ages.

To entice excited students, Trolder used a sleek and eye-catching design. They decided to keep the color palette straightforward with minimal lines and text. Luke elaborates that "our favorite touch was the different colored rim with drawings of electrical components and trying to be reminiscent of a colorful ribbon wrapped around the edges." The intent behind each element and staying true to the company's vision make Trolder's learning kit stand out.

Learn more about these electronic learning kits on the Trolder website.

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