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Preschool boxes learning kit

Out of the Box Learning Opportunities

New experiences and social interaction, albeit limited to the four walls of your house, are crucial for child development. While gadgets may provide plenty of learning opportunities, the importance of hands-on play and experiences is key.

Learning remotely while keeping children engaged may be a challenging task—but one that some educators are keen to take on. From our Packola community, meet these business owners who are creating complete learning experiences using elegantly designed custom boxes that kids of all ages can enjoy at home.


Growing Brilliant is a learning academy for children based in California. They have four in-person preschool locations but also offer a completely online preschool program.

Their preschool program helps children ages 2-6 continue learning from the safety and comfort of their own homes. This was particularly helpful and crucial during the strict stay-at-home orders.

“We offer an online preschool and the boxes are used to ship supplies to children that attend our preschool. We wanted the box to convey the educational aspect our program offers to families,” shares Zach Hansen, the owner of Growing Brilliant.

Each student receives a Curriculum Box that’s filled to the brim with art and craft supplies needed for every class. The creative projects and activities are structured to be developmentally aligned to the children’s needs.

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TENET Vocal Artists

TENET Vocal Artists composer kit

TENET Vocal Artists is an early music ensemble based in New York. Specializing in Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, TENET brings music to life with the use of period instruments and one-voice-per-part singing. They are considered a driving force in the New York early music world and are regular fixtures in Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The musical group curated custom boxes dubbed as Composer Kits that share their love for music to children. “The Composer Kits are designed to introduce kids ages 5-8 to our favorite Baroque composers—in this case, Claudio Monteverdi. Our design inspiration for this Kit was the fantastic drawings Illustrator Sylvia Baber made for the book, Eggy Goes to Venice, which is included in the kit,” shares Elisa Sutherland of TENET.

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Synapse {STEM} Education

Synapse STEM Education custom boxes

The future is in technology. In this day and age, it’s important that children learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as early as possible. This is one of the goals of Orlando-based learning center Synapse {STEM} Education. They offer forward-thinking programs that let children experience first-hand the wonders of technology. Because of the current situation, and to cater to students who are learning at home, Synapse now offers Digital Learning Kits.

Maria Lee, Director of Education Programs, shares: “Synapse {STEM} Education now brings our amazing programs to you at home. Our programming and electronics programs [are] delivered to you each month as a subscription or a one-time purchase. Age appropriate versions with microcontrollers and programming environments specific to their age group. Our curated lessons are easy to follow along, and teach your child coding, electronics and builds a strong foundation for their #DigitalFuture.”

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