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Joylicious: Sweet Treats To Pamper Your Skin

Imagine this: You're enjoying the mouthwatering scents and fascinating colors of your favorite desserts, and the feel-good vibes they bring. Then you get smooth, moisturized, and delicious-smelling skin instead of calories. Here’s to never feeling guilty about your sweet pleasures anymore!

Ready to be obsessed? Get sugar rushed by a dessert-themed shop from the Packola community. Enter Joylicious.

Spoil your skin with Joylicious

Joylicious is a candy and dessert-inspired body care and accessory boutique. They offer bath bombs, body scrubs, jelly masks, lip glosses, and jewelry that are influenced by all things sweet.

The owner of Joylicious, Joy Mataalii, started a candy and dessert-inspired boutique because she was drawn to the colors and smells of sweets.

“I just feel like candy and dessert make people happy, so why not incorporate that into my self-care products?” she says.

Joy loves the speck of joy she gets with a bath bomb and the cooling effect of a jelly mask.


Colorful and eye-grabbing packaging ft. Packola


Watch Joylicious’ pack-an-order-with-me video featuring the branded
stickers, tissue papers, and tapes they ordered from Packola.

Bath, body care, and accessories

Joylicious Gumball Body Scrubs are the most fun to play with. They are like sugary gumballs, but once you add a little water to them, they become a gummy exfoliant with a delicious smell that lasts all day. Get all three flavors for the smoothest and most delightful-smelling skin ever.

Their Candy Bar Bath Bombs also come in three scents, including Sprinkles Please!, Starry Haze, and 'Merica.

If you want a luscious spa in the comfort of your home, grab the Joylicious Bundle. It comes with a gumball scrub, candy bar bath bomb, jelly mask, and lip gloss. This bundle is a perfect at-home spa day in a box.

There’s more! Joylicious products don’t only make you smell sweet and refreshed all day, but they also let you sparkle with pieces of jewelry that satisfy all lovers of sweets. The Gold Boba Necklace is perfect for bubble tea lovers out there!

Visit their website to see every sugary skin treat they have in store.

Discovering Packola

“Every product we offer is very fragrant and very colorful, so packaging that will match was mandatory.”

One of the most important features that Joy wanted when she started Joylicious was colorful and eye-grabbing packaging. She chose to start with custom stickers, tapes, and tissue papers she ordered from Packola. She believes these make the unboxing for customers so exciting and fun that they would want to share the experience on social media, which always helps her brand.

As a small business owner, Joy got a little worried about her packaging supplies because some companies had very high minimum orders and price points until she found Packola.

“I compared a lot of those different companies, but I was overjoyed when I found Packola matched the quality and the price point I’m striving for.”

Beyond safe keeping your products in a box, making a strong first impression through compelling packaging is also important. This is especially true for Joylicious’ dessert-themed products. Unique and colorful packaging is crucial, appealing to customers' senses and enhancing product attractiveness.

If investing in custom-printed self-care boxes isn’t viable for now, opting for other packaging elements such as vibrant tissue papers, tapes, and stickers can work their magic, too.

Let Packola help protect and present your package in style!

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