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Pursuing Passion Projects, One Box at a Time

It’s always inspiring to find brands that are built on passion. There’s this uplifting, deeper sense that drives the different aspects and processes of their business — from the company values down to the littlest details of customer engagement and product packaging.

In this feature, we’d like you to meet three companies who are making a difference in their advocacies and communities with the help of custom packaging, mailer boxes, and promotional gift boxes.

The Warrior Movement

The Warrior Movement is all about providing inspiration to individuals fighting a difficult battle. Whether it’s a disease like cancer, or mental health issues like anxiety and depression, The Warrior Movement celebrates facing adversity head on and being strong, fierce, brave, and overcoming any obstacle that comes your way.

Having faced similar battles before, Ivonne M. Steward, co-founded The Warrior Movement to help empower and strengthen the resolve of others. Even through hard times, difficult circumstances, and tough situations, individuals still find a way to proudly stand and carry on. These people are simply put, Warriors.

“Our boxes are aimed towards helping those warriors feel better through their battles. We customize our boxes with products specific to that Warriors needs, from info given to us by the loved ones. I am a cancer survivor and helping others feel better, loved and supported is my passion and calling!” says Ivonne.

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gives you the tools to develop a mindful lifestyle, from learning meditation to journaling and calming exercises. The idea was born from witnessing firsthand how educators, medical workers, and corporate clients live more centered, less stressful lives through mindfulness and self-care practices.

Wellness entrepreneurs Francine Steadman of BuddhaBooth and Kristin Westbrook of Calm City teamed up to deliver carefully curated boxes that include the essential materials and tools needed to build strong mindful habits. Each box is designed to inspire self discovery and cultivate happiness with guided meditations and time tested techniques to build your mindfulness practice in your self-care journey.

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Southland Credit Union

Southland Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial co-operative founded in 1936 to serve the financial needs of Los Angeles County employees. Their member-owners benefit from a full spectrum of competitive products, convenience, and exceptional service. They become a part of the Southland family, where people are worth more than money.

“2020 was a rough year for everyone. We saw a need to support the emotional needs of our members, not just financial. While our front line was busy helping our members with financial relief (emergency loans and payment deferrals during the shutdown) the marketing team looked for a way to offer emotional support.” says Evelyn Shigeta of Southland Credit Union.

“We wanted to continue our #CUsmile engagement success while giving back to our members and the communities we serve. Our Together Today campaign offered an opportunity for fun that would also offer prize giveaways and financial reward. These prizes, along with some Southland swag, were delivered in our custom Packola boxes.”

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One great pleasure is unboxing a package that’s been made with passion. Right from the get-go, you know that each and every item has been meticulously thought through and everything is in the right place.

Custom boxes give you the creativity and freedom to craft a package in line with your vision. It’s a skill that takes practice to master, as outlined by our How to Build the Perfect Promotional Gift Boxes article, but comes naturally when it involves causes one is passionate about.

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