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Subscription Boxes

Sarah’z Girlz: Building Family Bonds with a Unique Business

For entrepreneur Jo Patterson, empowering girls and young women has been at the heart of her subscription box business Sarah’z Girlz.

Since 2013, Patterson’s 501c3 business for girls five to fifteen years old has been instrumental in teaching, encouraging, and empowering a new generation of strong women who are confident, have good leadership skills, and are well-equipped to succeed whatever they may choose to do in life.

“[We are] focused primarily on strengthening healthy bonds between mothers and daughters and stepping in for the girls or moms who sometimes lack that support system,” Patterson says of the business. “We are their coaches, mentors, advocates, loving moms, aunties, guardians, and sister-friends who pour our life experiences, entrepreneurial?spirit, and artistic motivation into the next generation!”

Turning a Vision into a Reality

But getting the business started wasn’t exactly an easy thing and there never seemed to be enough time to get the show on the road.

As Patterson recalls: “I have always wanted to start a subscription box business and the timing always escaped me due to being so busy with my career and my own family.? Since the advent of COVID-19, this down-time has been my prep time and just the thing I needed to finally get this vision out of my head and into my hands – and into the hands of young teens and tweens everywhere!”

“This was something I could do from home and generate additional income, perhaps even a substantial livelihood for my future and the future of my own daughter. And I could do all this while stimulating and encouraging the hearts and minds of girls around the world.”

As a result, her monthly subscription boxes contain a variety of items all aimed at boosting the confidence of young girls through puzzles, activities, and reading materials to stimulate and engage their growing hearts and minds.

Getting in Touch with Packola

In transit, each subscription box must be sturdy and resilient enough to resist rough handling on the road or in a cargo hold so that its contents can reach customers safe and sound. At the same time, they also need to look good in order to reinforce the brands that they carry in customers’ minds. In sourcing for a box supplier she could truly rely on, Patterson stumbled upon Packola during her search for a customized mailer box.

“As I was searching online for a company to produce our boxes and sampling several others, I found that [Packola’s] pricing, easy to use design app, and great feedback gave me the confidence I needed to finally make a decision to go with Packola,” Patterson recalls. “The turn-around on production was great and the boxes look exactly the way they were designed to look on the website!”

Packola helps small businesses like Sarah’z Girlz make their mark on their customers through high-quality custom packaging that truly sets them apart from the competition.

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