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personal care custom boxes

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The benefits of taking care of one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being should be accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Practicing mindfulness and self-care routines can foster balance between health and enjoyment.

Take a gander at these five companies who’ve been using mailer boxes to deliver a carefully curated experience that refreshes and rejuvenates.


CALI HNDSME is a skincare company focused on providing luxury essential skincare products for men of all skin types.

This US-made brand uses premium, marine-based ingredients that are free from harmful substances such as paraben, sulfates, and gluten. They never test on animals; all their products are certified vegan and cruelty free. For their packaging, they use sustainably-sourced and recyclable custom boxes.

Cali Hndsme custom mailer boxes

Rocky Collins, founder and CEO shares: “CALI HNDSME is helping innovate how guys approach taking care of their outer appearance and how that can positively impact mental health. We want everything about our company and business to inspire men to love their appearance and walk in the most confident versions of themselves.”

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Hero Soap

Hero Soap Company custom boxes

Hero Soap is a veteran-owned company on a mission to deliver premium personal care products that are free from harsh chemicals, fragrance, and synthetic colorants. The company pays homage to the dedication of those who’ve served or are currently serving. A portion of sales is donated back to charities that are focused on helping veterans and first responders.

Jon Hendle, owner and co-founder of Hero Soap, discusses further how even the box packaging pays tribute to those who’ve served before. “The design is based on the map of the battle of Saratoga. The battle of Saratoga was important in the battle for American independence and we wanted to pay tribute. The topographical map pattern wrapped around the box and features battle positions of each general. We used the black and white color theme on the box that we use predominantly in all our packing.”

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Well Wishes

Well Wishes custom boxes

Well Wishes is a new business that celebrates milestones in hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. The company creates curated packages for families who’d like to send essential items and care packages to their loved ones who are in assisted care facilities.

Meenal Sharma, founder of Well Wishes, shares her process of curating these special boxes:

“As a registered nurse working closely with ICU patients, I have been able to gather my experience and emotions with all of these milestones and thoughtfully place them in a box to help bring comfort to its recipient. Each Well Wishes box is carefully assembled using handpicked items from USA-based manufacturers that produce their handmade products in small batches with the highest quality natural, organic, or vegan ingredients. Well Wishes is committed to support other small and women owned businesses.”

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Holistically You

Holistically You custom boxes

Holistically You is a wellness brand that champions the benefits of the all-natural, holistic ways of bettering health. They offer a wide variety of spa essentials, from handcrafted soaps, feminine herbal blends, to essential oils. A monthly subscription box of curated, therapeutic products are among the best-sellers.

Yulander Taylor, founder and owner of Holistically You, reveals her design inspiration in creating these custom spa packages: “I focus on the totality of you as a person, mind, body, spirit, social, health and lifestyle. This logo design speaks to every aspect of who we are from age to gender.”

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Your Inner Rainbow

Your Inner Rainbow custom boxes

Your Inner Rainbow offers completely handmade holistic essentials ideal for meditation, self reflection, energy healing, and cleansing. They create specific box sets that highlights the healing energies of one’s chakra, which refers to points of energy in the body.

Carolina Sachetta, owner of Your Inner Rainbow, talks about how she puts together the contents of the boxes: “I have incorporated essential oils, crystals, and sage bundles among other things and is all 100% handmade by me, from pouring candles to blending oils, and I absolutely love every single part of it.”

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