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The Brewer’s Lab: An Entrepreneur’s Driving Passion

Transforming a hobby into an earning passion project has enabled entrepreneur August Comstock to take craft brewing to the next level

For August Comstock, true entrepreneurship starts with a problem, solving that problem, and then building a business around the solution. Currently in his mid-twenties, Comstock exudes the wisdom of a much older and more experienced businessman when he talks about The Brewer’s Lab, a craft brewing venture that started out as a way to get a better tasting beer in the comfort of his own home.

“I started brewing beer in my apartment in college,” he recalls. “I would order all of these different beer making kits online, but I realized they all shared two major problems. One, they made the process way too complicated; and two, none of them had strong branding. As a science major, I had an absolute passion for the brewing process.”

Comstock wanted to give his customers the experience of an actual Brewmeister: enabling them to undergo the same brewing process done by professionals, thus making them feel proud at having created something of their own while having fun doing it. It took him months to design his brand and his products – but he considers all that time well spent.

Discovering Packola


Making sure that every detail was perfect is characteristic of Comstock’s personality as an entrepreneur and was one of the key factors that made him decide to go with Packola for his boxes.

“I knew there was a huge opportunity in this market space to create a better customer experience through branding,” he says. “It was important to me that the aesthetics and the look and feel of the entire experience was special [and] memorable because that’s how you build customer loyalty. I knew from working at an e-commerce company after college that the unboxing experience was also a crucial part of the experience. You want your customers to feel excited when they’re opening your package and to be hooked on that experience from the start. That’s why I love using Packola for my business.”

Comstock adds that the easy-to-use design tool also influenced his decision. “Compared to other packaging companies, not only was their process way more simplified but the interactive tool allowed me to see my designs in real time,” he says. “This was a game changer for someone like me who values design and aesthetics so much.”

More than just another craft brewery, The Brewer’s Lab also stands as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs across the country. “I’ve learned from studying great entrepreneurs to never waste time, never stop learning, and to always stay hungry for knowledge,” Comstock says about his entrepreneurial journey. “My best advice to any other young entrepreneurs who might be reading this: have enough of an ego to stay true to your vision but also be humble enough to listen to the opinions of others. It’s okay to be a little naïve: sometimes that’s the best weapon you have in your favor.”

The Brewer’s Lab is just one of numerous small businesses that Packola has helped through the creation of eye-catching, durable, and sustainable custom packaging which has set them apart from their competitors.

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