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custom school boxes welcome kit

These Custom School Boxes Are a Class Act

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a new school year fast approaching.

As students prepare for their physical or virtual classes, learning institutions can take this time to craft a fun welcome experience for them. And since custom boxes are always a good idea, why not create one as your students' back to school kit?

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a cue from the Packola community on how to create your custom school boxes and what branded swag you can put inside.

The Lyceum Institute

Custom school boxes do not just offer students a warm welcome, but they also serve as thoughtful gifts even parents can appreciate. Online educational services company, The Lyceum Institute, needed such boxes to do both.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, The Lyceum Institute offers test prep, English and Math tutoring, admissions consulting, and editing services that help students and their families overcome barriers to their success in American schools.

Content Developer Lily Tsahilis underlines the school’s dedication in providing results-driven programs for their learners.

"All of our SAT/ACT students achieve Ivy League results, and all our academic support students see improvements within three months and all of our admission consulting clients attend one of their top three schools," she shares.

The Lyceum Institute custom school gift boxes

Lily adds how the school’s reputation is built on trust and their values are rooted in diversity and inclusion which helps them maximize the students’ communication, self-advocacy, and critical thinking skills.

To show appreciation for their clients' trust, they ordered shipping boxes customized with the school’s colors and logo, and filled them with custom swag that students can use for school and elsewhere.

"We created custom gift boxes as a way to celebrate our students and express gratitude to our parents. Being able to customize the exact dimensions on Packola helped us perfect our gift boxes."

Learn more about The Lyceum Institute on and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Multnomah University

Multnomah University custom admission boxes

Students at Multnomah University (MU) are encouraged to discover what they are made for, and that starts upon their admission.

Situated in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, MU is a college community that equips students to love Christ and serve their neighbors through their work. To welcome newcomers into the community, they gift students with the Multnomah University Admit Box to help prepare them for their college journey.

MU’s Senior Designer, Susan Bealor, shared with us a glimpse of their custom admission mailer box with some words of encouragement to incoming students:

"Whether you are called into business, history, counseling, or beyond, Multnomah is committed to partnering with you so you can confidently pursue your calling."

For details about Multnomah University’s college majors, graduate programs, online programs, and seminary programs, visit For updates, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Pathways for the Future Program

Arizona State University custom school boxes

A collaboration between the Arizona State University and State Farm, the Pathways for the Future Program provides financial support to students interested in courses, degrees, or certificates in business, engineering, technology, liberal arts, and sciences.

Created to mold eligible students with forward thinking education and career development, the program’s academic pathways also include tools for lifelong learning. For instance, the Universal learner me3® is a unique 60-image game you can play to determine your interests and match them to ASU majors.

And just like a cherry on top, their students also get a custom school box that underlines how Pathways can support students to develop "an active and adaptive learning mindset".

Kalani Rice, Program Manager at the Arizona State University, shares with us the inspiration for their custom box design:

"To showcase the scholarship program that places emphasis on education and career development."

For details on how to become a Pathways for the Future scholar, head over to . Follow Pathways for the Future Program on Facebook and Instagram.

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