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Tiny Easel: Curated Art Kits for Your Little Artists

Art in a box… now how many times have we come across these products? Tons, I imagine.

Literacy, creativity, self-esteem, and quality parent-child bonding are among the many reasons why we see more and more brands offer arts and crafts and learn-from-home kits. Naturally, one is bound to stand out.

Tiny Easel Art in a Box custom boxes

Tiny Easel

Tiny Easel is a carefully and thoughtfully curated set of art boxes. Each is assembled with high-quality non-toxic and washable art supplies, and offers unique activity content to inspire kids of all skill levels to paint and create without the stress of mess and complicated projects.

The initial idea for Tiny Easel came to founder, Jennifer Nolley, while she was on maternity leave.

"I was trying to put art in front of my kids, while nursing George, my youngest. I couldn’t help my kids with painting and crafts and it was becoming stressful trying to balance it all. Paint was flying all over the place and it was hard to let them be creative and have fun."

The brand, then slowly taking shape, went from simply offering children creative activities to giving parents a fun and creative solution that allows them to take a break and step back while their little ones enjoy and explore art on their own and at their own pace.


Watch Tiny Easel’s promo video featuring the custom boxes they ordered from Packola.

For Little Hands With Big Ideas

Where other art kits are designed to help children get to the end result, Tiny Easel focuses on inspiring kids to create through process art.

Tiny Easel boxes are packed with fun products for kids to play and explore with. Developed by a busy mom herself, Jennifer made sure that the kits are accessible, affordable, and stress-free for parents.

"It includes a spill-proof water cup, a splash mat, art supplies, and a watercolor book designed by myself all in one box," Jennifer shares.

That’s right, in addition to being a mompreneur, Jennifer is also an artist with an interior design background. The illustrations she created for Tiny Easel are inspired by places all over Baltimore and her love for painting.

Nine years ago, she hand-painted 250 tiny easels for her wedding guests, which were used as center pieces and gifts. The artworks she created expressed her love of painting and were inspired by one of her favorite artists, Monet.

She has always loved painting small, "less intimidating, less materials, less prep and clean-up". Through Tiny Easel, Jennifer gets to share her love and passion for art with her kids everyday, and even spread the love to others.

"I love seeing how kids dive into art and create their own signature style. I used all of my skills in illustration, painting, design, and love for making art with my kids to create this box," she adds.

Jennifer helps daughter Elizabeth with her artwork.

Discovering Packola

Giving her customers an enjoyable experience from the time they receive the box to creating fun and beautiful art with the contents inside is so important for Jennifer. And lucky for us at Packola, she found us and found our custom mailer box printing services to be exactly what she needed.

"My Packola experience has been wonderful from the time I created the box design online to when I received my boxes. After sampling several box companies, I found both my experience with Packola and the quality, color, and sturdiness of the box to be the best for my company."

LOOK! Jennifer gives us a peek inside their popular Tiny Easel Painter Box.

To learn more about Tiny Easel, visit their website You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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