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Live Happy by Tom Guetzke_custom box for books

Unboxing the Written Word: Creative Custom Boxes for Books

Flipping the pages of a new book for the first time is pure joy. But what if you can make that experience more memorable for your readers?

Get inspired by these wordsmiths and see how they use custom boxes to give their readers an unboxing experience like no other.

Live Happy

Tom Guetzke, an award-winning speaker, shares the life lessons he learned about happiness through his book.

custom boxes for book

“With the release of the book, Think Positive, Live Happy, I want to create an experience for those who order a signed copy through my website and receive their book in the mail. When people order through my website, they receive a signed book and all the proceeds benefit the Special Olympics and Honor flights. I believe that happiness is best shared!”

True to his mantra, the design of his Packola box will instantly tell you a lot about his book and his message. It can certainly create a happy unboxing experience for anyone who receives it.

“It is always the first piece of mail that is opened and puts a big smile on their face. I also use my Packola Box as a marketing piece that I send out to meeting planners to promote my keynote speaking, as a thank you and sometimes I just send it to people as a random act of kindness.”

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Blue Rock

“Do you know Neil?” is the question readers can find on the top of the custom box that is created by fiction author and entrepreneur Charles D'Amico and Blue Handle Publishing.

Neil refers to one of Charle’s fictional characters named Neil Baggio, an FBI agent who lives off coffee and Jack Daniels. You can read more about Neil and his detective work in the Neil Baggio Suspense series, along with the other novels written by Charles such as One Golden Day.

Blue Rock custom boxes for book marketing

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Thomas Brigger

Thomas Brigger is a businessman, entrepreneur, and traveler. His first novel Beyond the Higher Ground is about intrigue and suspense amid the opioid crisis in Appalachia.

custom book box

With an extensive background in traveling all over the country and in doing various jobs, Thomas draws from his own experience in recognizing the nuances of human behavior. As a small business owner, he also recognizes the importance of marketing his book, which includes the use of a custom box.

“I am an author and I often have to send print copies of my book to reviewers, etc. I had the boxes made with the book cover on top next to a space for a shipping label. The custom box gives me a more professional look while protecting the book from any damage and gives the receiver immediate recognition.”

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Speak Your Truth

Allicia is an event host and inspirational speaker who also manages her own blog and runs a small business. Her weekly podcast, Speak Your Truth, tackles practically anything under the sun – from dating to politics. Allicia is also an author and she makes sure that her readers get her book in a very special way.

“I’m an author and host of Speak Your Truth podcast and I deliver my books in these beautiful boxes. I wanted something classic and beautiful just like me. When customers receive the box, they are absolutely Impressed with the quality.”

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