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Whoopla custom mailer boxes

Whoopla: Creating The Most Exciting Company Swags

Free, non-boring stuff alert!

Giving away something for free immediately grabs attention. Hence, tapping into the power of promotional products is an excellent way to improve brand visibility and build stronger relationships.

Nearly 8 in 10 people own between 1 and 10 promotional products, and 50% of people use a promotional product daily.

It’s a no-brainer, people love receiving free things! But make sure to steer clear of giving lame and dull giveaways. To stand out, give something useful, valuable, or even fun! If you’re in search of such, here’s an anti-boring expert who creates awesome company swags that are sure to excite and uplift.

WHOOPLA Custom Swag

“We don’t do boring! That’s our motto here at WHOOPLA.”

Whoopla is all about crafting memorable marketing solutions using cool swag. They provide promotional products with a mission to banish boring from their business. The company takes pride in creating the most attention-grabbing swag possible for its clients.

John Vo, the owner of the business, knows they must remain competitive to stay ahead of the game.

“Our clients at Whoopla bring us their biggest marketing challenges, and we tap into every ounce of our creativity to develop solutions that get results.”

They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years – long enough to know that boring is neither an attention-getting nor moneymaking technique. To reach this far, John outsmarted many struggles.

Uphill climb

During Whoopla’s early days, John had to make cold calls to get clients. But with resilience and a strategic mind, his business has gained several referrals over the years. However, John would still find himself awake in the middle of the night and in a cold sweat, worrying. He wonders if such a feeling ever goes away for entrepreneurs.

John wants his customers to feel that they can rely on him. Otherwise, there’s always a competitor waiting to swoop in and take the place.

“The most difficult part about running your own business is that even when you take a day off, you’re never 100% off. You always have to be prepared for that phone call or to take care of that client,” he shares.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile for his clients and he doesn’t get deterred by roadblocks in sight.

Not for the faint of heart

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Being a business owner can feel lonely in the beginning and the journey isn’t easy. Hence, you have to find ways to stay motivated.

One thing that drives John is getting up in the morning and dressing up as if he is going to an office job.

“I realized that if I’m dressed lackadaisically or in PJs, my work is going to suffer. When I look good, I feel good, and I'm more likely to do good work. Having a consistent routine that keeps you productive is crucial.”

While being an entrepreneur is tough, it entails wonderful benefits. John gets to work at his own pace and make his own hours and schedule. He’s been able to spend a lot of time with his kids and watch them grow up.

“There is no greater luxury than that. It far exceeds any of the downsides I can think of,” John says.

Making first impressions with Packola

Whoopla loves marketing that gets people talking. They believe that creating a good first impression is crucial. That’s why they choose Packola to invest in quality packaging that excites people.

“Packola provides us with packaging that makes an entrance. In the last few years especially, we’ve really been pushing our clients to care about their packaging as well because it makes a huge difference.”

Custom packaging is one of the best ways to set your business apart from others. Custom boxes not only protect items, they’re also influential extensions to optimize your branding.

“Gone are the days of bubble wrap envelopes if you want to set yourself apart and create a memorable experience for your customers.”

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