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Herbalaria custom mailer box

Unboxing Herbalaria's The Calamansi Collection

It only took one look at Herbalaria's customer mailer box to hook us.

We knew we had to know what their story is!

So, we did.

Watch as owner Lyn Pacificar unboxes the contents of Herbalaria's The Calamansi Collection and pays homage to their Filipino heritage.




Commitment to Culture and Tradition

Herbalaria's skincare products go beyond skin deep — they also promote self-care and they help nurture the connection between Filipinos and their rich culture.

Much like the brand, The Calamansi Collection is more than just superbly crafted, sustainably made skincare products. It’s a culmination of a story designed to be shared and experienced to be fully appreciated.

"At Herbalaria, we are not just a business; we are a cultural movement, a celebration of heritage, and a catalyst for personal and communal transformation," Lyn writes on Herbalaria's website.


The Packola Experience

Herbalaria's custom mailer box design serves its purpose well.

The harmony of black and shades of green and orange will squeeze out all doubt about giving them a try. The message is clear — this is a brand that takes pride in crafting modern-day products inspired by tradition, using wisdom passed down through generations.

We're just glad to help them realize their packaging vision.

"Our experience with Packola was really positive from the beginning 'til the end. They even made sure that our design was continuous throughout the box which we really appreciated so that when it went to production, it became this beautiful creation."


Lyn Pacificar is a Filipino-American based in LA. She is a practitioner of Katuuran and Albularyo traditional medicine.

Learn more about Lyn, Herbalaria, and their products at

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