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Food Delivery Boxes

Create a Delicious Experience With Food Delivery Boxes

Ensure that customers experience your branding efforts with custom food delivery boxes. Personalizing takeaway and delivery boxes guarantee that they will see your brand messaging even if they aren’t dining in-store. With the popularity of delivery nowadays, it’s important to put your best foot forward wherever your packages go. You can customize our food delivery boxes to fit your products perfectly, whether it’s ready-to-eat items such as burgers, pizzas, and pastries, or food consumed over long periods of time such as teas, coffee beans, and cereals.

What Are Food Delivery Boxes?

Food delivery boxes protect your products. They make sure that the food arrives at your customers’ doorstep in a presentable and appetizing manner. The corrugated cardboard material we use in our boxes is impact-resistant, absorbing bumps the boxes may incur while in transit.

How to Customize Food Delivery Boxes

  1. Customize food delivery boxes and choose the dimensions, material, printed sides, and quantity.
  2. Use our 3D Design Studio to create unique artwork online. If you want to use a professional editing program, order ahead and we’ll send you a dieline template.
  3. The 3D Design Studio gives you a live preview of what your box looks like. You can add images, text, colors, and shapes and you’ll see the changes you make to the design in real-time.
  4. Once you’re done with the design, complete the order process and check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum order for custom food delivery boxes?

We don’t require minimum orders. You can print as many food delivery boxes as you require.

Q: Do you offer bulk orders for food delivery boxes?

Yes, we do. Choose your desired quantity from the dropdown menu on the product page. If the amount you need is not listed, give us a call at 1-855-PACKOLA. 

Q: Are your food delivery boxes eco-friendly?

Yes. The materials we use for our food delivery boxes are sustainably sourced, compostable, and recyclable.