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Custom Waterproof Labels

Print Waterproof Labels That Make a Splash

Ensure your branding goes the distance even when wet. Display long-lasting product information with custom waterproof labels that resist moisture, water, oils, and temperature changes. Whether your products have been refrigerated, run through a dishwasher, or used in the bath, you can rest assured that the print and messaging of your labels are still loud and clear.

Waterproof in Any Shape, Size, or Type

Waterproof labels from Packola are fully customizable according to your needs. You can choose the label type, shape, size, material, quantity, and even if you want square or rounded corners.


For singles, choose glossy white outdoor film material. For roll labels, select either matte white, gloss white, or gloss clear film. These material options are all waterproof and oil-resistant.

Printing Waterproof Labels in Four Easy Steps

Here at Packola, we’ve condensed the design process to make it simple and fuss-free. All it takes is a few minutes to create your own custom waterproof labels from start to finish:

  1. Choose the type, shape, size, material, and quantity of your waterproof labels.
  2. Click ‘Design Your Labels Online’ to start the project using our 3D Design Studio. If you have your own file ready for printing, select ‘Upload Your Artwork and Order Now’ to upload the design file.
  3. Once inside the 3D Design Studio, you can upload your images and add text, shapes, and colors.
  4. Once you’re finished with your design, click ‘Proceed to Order’ and complete the checkout process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material do you use for waterproof labels?

Our waterproof labels are printed on film material that’s tear-proof, waterproof, and resistant to oil, solvents and cleaning products.  

Q: Can I apply waterproof labels to a wet surface?

No. Before applying the labels, the surface has to be dry and clean for it to adhere properly.  

Q: Can I remove and reapply waterproof labels?

No. Our waterproof labels stick permanently.