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How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials

Delivering the best possible brand experience is a goal that every business aims for. A key factor in accomplishing that goal is choosing the right packaging materials. It won’t matter how good your product is if the packaging doesn’t do the job. You have to be aware of the materials used in custom boxes and how their strengths can benefit your business in the long run. In this post, we tackle the different types of packaging materials that Packola offers and how these can help you grow your brand.

Our Main Materials

Packola’s custom boxes use two materials: cardstock and corrugated cardboard.

Cardstock is made of a thick, lightweight paper that’s slightly more flexible than cardboard. This material is used in our product boxes. It comes in three different thickness options:

  • 14 pt. has approximately the same thickness as a business card. Ideally used with small products.
  • 18 pt. is a slightly thicker and more rigid material option. Suitable for medium-sized items.
  • 24 pt. is our thickest cardstock option. This material can handle heavier loads.

Corrugated Cardboard is the box material we use that does the heavy lifting. All of our custom boxes can be ordered using this material. Corrugated cardboard is lightweight, affordable, and impact-resistant. Choose one of the following corrugated cardboard types:


Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
is our most popular box material. It has a white-colored base, and its surface comes uncoated – perfect for writing on using a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker


Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
takes the box material to a higher level. This material has a smooth surface that lends your boxes a premium, elevated look. It has a slightly glossy finish that makes the colors of your design pop.


Premium White Corrugated Cardboard with Glossy Ink
provides an even more luxurious look. Glossy ink is placed on specific parts of the design to add a stunning visual contrast that customers will definitely notice.


Kraft Corrugated Cardboard
is brown and plain – perfect if you’re going for an artisanal look. This is the custom box material of choice for minimalist designs and eco-friendly products.

Choose a Coat

If you select cardstock material for your custom boxes, you’ll be given three choices for the finishing coat.

Glossy Aqueous coating

Glossy Aqueous Coating
creates a slight sheen on the surface of your boxes. Colors are more vivid and images pop out more. You can write on a glossy surface using a permanent ink marker.

Matte Aqueous coating

Matte Aqueous Coating
gives your product boxes a muted but elegant finish. Thanks to its matte finish, the surface is writable. You can use a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker.

 High-Gloss coating

High-Gloss UV Coating
provides a shiny finish to your product boxes. The UV coating adds a layer of protection from scratches and scuffs.

Packaging Supplies

Branding doesn’t stop at the boxes. You can supplement your packaging to deliver a better brand experience. We offer a selection of packaging supplies you can use to amplify the impact of your product. Use these together with custom boxes to give a complete and cohesive brand story.

  • Stickers are a great giveaway to insert in your custom boxes. This incentivizes your customers to use your stickers on their personal belongings, such as laptops, notebooks, and tumblers.
  • Labels provide information that doesn’t detract from your packaging design. You can use these for branding, nutritional information, and delivery details. Choose a writable material to create a hand-written, personalized note.
  • Hang Tags add an attractive accent to your packaging. These are usually used to communicate product information, such as pricing details, care instructions, and even a short brand story.
  • Custom Tape adds branding while providing support for your custom boxes. We use reinforced water-activated tape material that, when wet, creates a strong bond with cardboard boxes. Aside from displaying your logo everywhere it goes, it also provides tamper resistance
  • Custom Tissue Paper gives your products an air of elegance. Wrapping your items in custom tissue paper adds another layer of beautiful branding while protecting the products from bumps, dents, and scratches.
  • Pouches protect your products from outside exposure and contamination while sealing in freshness. These can be used for wet products, like dog food or cosmetic creams, and powdered items such as ground coffee or a spice mix.

Bringing It All Together

We hope that after reading, you’ve gained a greater appreciation for packaging materials and how each aspect contributes to a refined end product. Choosing the right material for your packages involves knowing your product, the materials, and your audience. Picking the right packaging to go along with your products will ensure that your items will be seen in its best light

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