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custom pouches

How to Choose the Right Pouch for Your Product

What’s the distinction between stand-up pouches and flat pouches? One stands while one lays flat. The differences between the two products might seem simple, but each has a particular use. Whichever you choose, one thing’s for sure – the barrier film will protect your products.

Key Differences Between Stand-Up Pouches and Flat Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches

stand up pouches

What is a stand-up pouch?

These pouches are designed in such a way that they can stand on their own. Gussets are added on one side which gives the pouch stability and support to stand up. The pouch has a large surface where you can print attractive designs that increase visibility when displayed on a shelf.

Where to Use Stand-up Pouches

Food and Beverage – Food is the most common industry that uses stand-up pouches. The barrier film material is food-safe and prevents air and moisture from getting inside, ensuring the product’s freshness.

Pet Food and Treats – Pouches are perfect for pet food, whether wet or dry. You can open and close the package numerous times without worrying about spilling or losing freshness since it’s resealable.

Personal Care, Bath, and Cosmetics – You can place powders and liquids inside pouches.

Industrial Products – Solvents, chemicals, and other industrial products can be safely stored inside pouches. The barrier film prevents contamination and the seal prevents accidental spills.

Automotive Products – Car wax, lubricants, additives, and oils are some automotive products stored in pouches. The gussets make it easy to store and display on a shelf.


Flat Pouches

flat pouches

What is a flat pouch?

These pouches do not have a bottom gusset and just lays flat. Ideal products to use these with are thin and less bulky items since the pouch will conform to the shape. Since these are flat, you have the option to add hang holes to display them easier.

Where to Use Flat Pouches

Retail Food and Snacks – Transporting food items and keeping it fresh can be difficult if not for pouches. The barrier film material is non-toxic, puncture-resistant, and keeps the food away from air and moisture.

Pet Food and Treats – Single serve pet supplies, such as melty treat sachets, dental dog sticks, and organic pet food, all use flat pouches. Perfect packaging choice for perishables.

Cosmetics and Hygiene – Flat pouches work well with single-use products, such as facial mud masks or packaged soaps. These are also perfect for event giveaways and single-use trial sachets

Photographic Products – Large format and instant films use pouches to keep finicky materials away from light and moisture. Photographic films can quickly get ruined if exposed to the elements. Pouches and the barrier film material prevent this from happening.

Nutritional Supplements – Medicine and nutritional supplements, such as protein powders and vitamin capsules, need to be kept safe, whether from outside elements or contamination. Resealable pouches keep these safe and sound.


Benefits of Custom Pouches

Sealable – Some products, especially food, chemicals, and other perishable items, need to be hermetically sealed in order to preserve their quality and freshness. Pouches protect your products from air and moisture.

Displayable – Stand-up pouches come with bottom gussets that make them stand upright on their own. You can display them by themselves. Flat pouches on the other hand, can be hung on a peg.

Printability – Aside from protecting your products, pouches also provide a great avenue for advertising. You can print full-color designs on the packaging itself, making it attractive and eye-catching from anywhere.

Material options – When ordering pouches, you can choose between white, clear, and metalized barrier film. White barrier film keeps your products safe and fresh; clear barrier film lets you add a display window to showcase your products, and metalized barrier film provides the maximum amount of light and moisture protection.

Lightweight – Pouches weigh almost nothing. Using pouches with your products save you money in the long run, thanks to cheaper shipping costs.

Ease of use – Using pouches is fuss-free. Just fill the bag and use a heat sealer to close it shut. It’s that simple!


Use the benefits of flexible packaging and custom pouches to your advantage. Print with Packola today.

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