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Packaging Stickers

Say No to Boring Boxes With Custom Packaging Stickers

Increase your brand recall with custom packaging stickers. Whether you’re sending out plain shipping boxes or intricately designed packages, adding branded stickers takes it up a notch.

Packaging stickers are flexible. You can use them on packages both to add branding and a tamper-evident seal. Its surface is also writable with a permanent ink marker, which enables you to place handwritten notes to give your packages a more personal effect.

Custom Packaging Stickers

Packaging stickers are an important tool to have for any business, especially with the popularity of e-commerce. With custom stickers, you can add branding to any package, whether it’s a plain storage box, a shipping pouch, or even a letter envelope.

Different Sticker Types for Different Packages

With Packola, you can print packaging stickers with a choice of three different materials:

  • Glossy White Paper – The most popular material we offer. This works well for general indoor use. It has a subtle sheen that makes colors pop.
  • Matte White Paper – For a more subdued, elegant look, go for a matte finish. The colors of the print have a muted look that looks good for earth tones. If your design is text-heavy, this is the sticker material to go for.
  • Glossy White Outdoor Film – Our most durable sticker material. This is resistant to tear, moisture, refrigeration, and exposure to most solvents. Recommended for packages and goods that will be exposed to the outdoors.

How to Design Packaging Stickers Online

No need for design degrees here. Our 3D Design Studio has everything you need to create custom stickers from scratch!

    1. Customize your sticker and choose the dimensions, shape, material, corners, and quantity.
    2. Design your stickers online or upload your own. The online designer lets you upload images and add text, shapes, and colors.
    3. Once done with your design, complete the order process and check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sticker materials are waterproof?

Choose glossy outdoor film if you need waterproof stickers. These are also tear-resistant and can withstand refrigeration.

Q: Can I write on the packaging stickers?

Yes, you can. For paper stickers, you can use a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker. For stickers on film, we recommend using a permanent ink marker.

Q: Can I order custom-sized packaging stickers?

Yes, you can. When placing your order, choose ‘Custom’ in the dropdown menu and input your desired dimensions.