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Custom Printed Makeup Boxes

High quality printing on durable Corrugated Cardboard.
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Sustainably Sourced and Recyclable
Sustainably Sourced and Recyclable

A Makeup Box With A Bit Of Everything

Makeup boxes are usually the first thing a customer notices and it certainly helps if the packaging reflects the quality of the product it contains. With great design that grabs attention, easy-to-ready product information, and high-quality materials that last, it’s no wonder why custom makeup boxes are in high demand among cosmetic brands.

Today, there are hundreds – possibly thousands already in the United States alone – of small and medium-scale businesses that have gone into bespoke or artisanal cosmetics. Most, if not all, of these brands aim to assure their customers that their products are both safe and effective – and made with care. This is where custom packaging – visually appealing enough to grab customers’ attention while being sturdy enough to withstand being jostled in transit – plays a key role.

Custom Makeup Packaging in the Business of Beauty

Makeup boxes usually contain an assortment of fragile items, so it’s important that these are highly durable to ensure that nothing is damaged through shipping and handling. Using high quality and sustainable materials, Packola rises to the challenge of transforming hefty-looking corrugated cardboard boxes into your own custom makeup boxes that are both beautiful and durable.

Designed and Customized by You

With us, you call the shots. Just specify the details, click a button, and you can design a custom box in minutes.

Our unique easy-to-use design tool enables you to work on your box in real time. A preview panel lets you see how your design will look like in 3D, either with the lid opened or closed. Amp up the visual appeal with your choice of colors, patterns, text, and images. Let your brand shine through the addition of logos and taglines that reinforce recall in customers’ minds – indeed, the only thing limiting you is your own imagination

We use sustainable and recyclable materials of great quality for our boxes because we believe that there’s beauty in reducing our impact on the environment.

Whether your brand wants to present your products as cheeky and playful or bold and sophisticated, Packola turns box-making into a fun, stress-free, and streamlined experience.

Packages In The Perfect Size And The Right Style

Our roll-end tuck-front with dust flaps boxes (RETF) boxes range in size from 3" x 3" x 1.25" for small items to 14" x 12" x 3" for curated item collections or products for shipping in bulk.

If our standard sizes don’t suit you, you can customize your makeup box within the following ranges:

  • Length: 3" to 25"
  • Width: 2" to 25"
  • Depth: 1" to 15"

Note: Dimensions are based on the interior of the box. For custom sizes, email us at to request a quote based on your specifications.

Durable Materials for Safe Transit

Corrugated Cardboard is our go-to material for custom makeup boxes and presently offer the following options:

  • Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium Corrugated Cardboard with a smoother white surface and a slight sheen
  • Brown Kraft

Material thickness is determined by box dimensions and may be either of the following:

  • 1/16" E-flute corrugated cardboard
  • 1/8" B-flute corrugated cardboard

Our materials are sustainably sourced and are 100% recyclable.

Custom material options are available and are priced accordingly.

Create Your Box Online

Our easy-to-use design tool makes it possible for you to create your box online. Simply specify the details through our ordering widget on the product page, click the submission button, and you’re directed to our 3D design studio.

Have a design file ready? You can upload either Photoshop or Illustrator files when you order to get a dieline template (cutting and/or folding pattern guide) based on the dimensions in your file.

Q: How do I know what box size I need?

Start by measuring the items you want to put inside the box. You can assemble and group the products together to simulate how it would look like packed inside. Measure the length, width, and depth of the space it occupies. Add an inch or two on the sides to make it easy to pack and unpack. 

Q: Can I order a sample?

Yes. For a competitive price, you can order a sample with your own artwork and dimensions. Please set Quantity to "1 sample" on the configuration widget and proceed to order.

Q: Do you offer Free Samples?

No. All samples are made to order with your own artwork and dimensions. We do not offer pre-made samples or material kits.

Q: How long will it take for my boxes to arrive?

We offer Standard (8-10 business days) and Rush (4-5 business days) production turnarounds for Cardstock Product Boxes while Standard (12-15 business days) and Rush (6-8 business days) production turnarounds for Corrugated Product Boxes. Depending on your location, Standard Shipping will take 1-6 business days once production is finished. If you have a tight deadline, please contact us to make sure your deadline can be met.“

Q: I am a reseller. Can you waive my sales taxes?

Yes, however, we need you to submit your resale certificate before placing your order. We have limited ability to refund sales taxes after an order is placed.

Q: How can I design my box?

We have an Online Design Studio that makes it super easy to add logo, texts, and graphics to your box within minutes. You may also design using a professional desktop application like Adobe Illustrator® and send us a complete artwork.

Q: Do you charge extra based on the number of colors and the amount of ink on the box?

No. You may cover your box with as many colors as you want at no extra charge.

Q: Are shipping boxes reusable?

Yes, our shipping boxes can be reused, repurposed, and recycled. We recommend upcycling the boxes in-house and not using them to ship products again to customers.  

Q: What is an RSC Box?

RSC stands for regular slotted container. It is the most common box style for shipping and storage boxes. It’s characterized by two outer flaps that meet at the center and needs to be sealed with packaging tape. 

Q: What is an FOL Box?

FOL stands for full overlap box. The flaps of the box extend all the way to the opposite side. This adds extra padding and increases durability and protection.