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Custom Pouches

Deliver Freshness Always With Custom Pouches
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High Quality Full-Color
High Quality
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Variety of Sizes
Variety of Sizes
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Artwork Inspection
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Size Reference

Stand-Up Pouches

Pouch Size
(Exterior Dimensions)
Estimated Capacity
Volume Coffee Beans (Weight) Flour (Weight)
3.25" W x 4.75" H x 2.0" G 1/3 cup 1 oz 2 oz
4.375" W x 6.0" H x 2.0" G 1 cup 3 oz 7 oz
5.0" W x 7.0" H x 3.0" G 1 1/2 cup 5 oz 11 oz
7.0" W x 9.0" H x 3.0" G 4 1/2 cup 13 oz 2 lbs 1 oz
7.25" W x 6.0" H x 2.0" G 1 1/2 cup 5 oz 13 oz
8.125" W x 10.0" H x 3.5" G 8 1/2 cup 1 lb 8 oz 3 lbs 4 oz
12.0" W x 12.5" H x 3.5" G 20 1/2 cup 3 lbs 9oz 7 lbs 13 oz

Flat Pouches

Pouch Size
(Exterior Dimensions)
Estimated Capacity
Volume Coffee Beans (Weight) Flour (Weight)
3.25" W x 4.5" H 1/4 cup 1 oz 1.5 oz
3.375" W x 5.5" H 1/3 cup 1.5 oz 2.5 oz
4" W x 6" H 1/2 cup 2 oz 3.5 oz
5" W x 7" H 1 1/4 cup 4 oz 8 oz
7" W x 9" H 4 cups 11 oz 1 lb 8 oz

Custom Pouches

Print professional packaging that will keep your brand top of mind. Custom flat pouches show that your brand means business. Personalized packaging are eye-catching, increase name recall, and set you apart from the competition.

Aside from aiding you in branding, custom pouches protect your products. Our barrier film seals in the freshness and prevents the contents from contamination. Whether the items inside are wet or dry, the barrier film protects the products and ensures optimum freshness.

Choose the Perfect Pouch Material

Packola offers 3 different barrier film materials, each of which have their own benefits. If you want to display the products inside, clear barrier film is the way to go. For dry goods sensitive to light, we recommend the metalized barrier film. Check out the table below for a more in-depth comparison between the 3 variants.

  Clear Barrier Film White Barrier Film Metallized Barrier Film
Average Thickness 4.6 mil. 4.6 mil. 3.1 mil
Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) <0.5 <0.5 <0.8
Construction 48ga. PET/3.0 mil. EVOH Coex/Ink/Laminate 48ga. PET/3.0 mil. EVOH Coex/Ink/Laminate 48ga. MET PET/1.5 mil. mLLDPE/Ink/Laminate
Oxygen Protection Full Full Optimal
Moisture Protection Optimal Optimal Full
Light Protection None Minimal Full
Printing Full-color with window Full-color Full-color metallized
White Ink Printing Yes, included Not applicable Yes, but optional

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which type of pouch is right for my product?

Stand up pouches have a gusset at the bottom that allows them to be displayed upright on retail shelves.  They are great for bulkier products or those that contain multiple servings. Flat pouches do not have a bottom gusset and are typically displayed on a tray or on a peg hook. They are best for small or relatively slim products. 

Q: Can the pouch have a custom shaped clear window?

Yes, if you select Full color with clear window we will print your pouch on clear barrier film and use a white ink underlay to create any window shape you incorporate into your pouch design. 

Q: What materials are these pouches made of?

Our custom pouches are made of superior barrier films to keep moisture and oxygen away from your product The metallized pouches also provide light and odor protection. 

Q: Will the zipper on pouches be open or closed when I receive them?

The zippers will be closed and you will need to open them to load the product before sealing. 

Q: How do I seal these pouches?

The pouches can be sealed using an impulse heat sealer. The heat seal ensures your customers of the product's freshness.  Apply the heat seal above the tear notch.  Once opened, the pouch can be re-sealed using the optional zipper. 

Customer Reviews
Verified buyer
Packola’s has great products and customer service May 23, 2024 by Kenneth Romano
“Packola’s web page is very easy to use when ordering that easily accommodates your customized order at a competitive price. They will review the final artwork with you if you choose. My order was quickly fulfilled to my specifications with a very high quality product. I will not hesitate to call upon them again, thanks!!”
Verified buyer
Really enjoy working with Packola May 23, 2024 by Courtney Jones
“Really enjoy working with Packola. Reasonably priced with no hidden costs, like a few other companies we looked at. Great product, great customer service and design team!”
Verified buyer
Responsive and transparent throughout… May 23, 2024 by Customer
“Responsive and transparent throughout printing process. Willing to put up with the nitty-gritty back and forth for the sake of the final product. Final product is high-quality!”
Verified buyer
The product was phenomenal May 23, 2024 by Jorge
“The product was phenomenal, Thanks again for your excellent service”
Verified buyer
Best prices Ive found so far for US… May 23, 2024 by Faira Esposito
“Best prices Ive found so far for US Orders with low MOQ. The customizing Feature is AWESOME!! Not sure how fast shipping will be, but due to the fact that the prices are the best Ive found- Its worth the wait!”
Verified buyer
Packola is one of the best service I… May 23, 2024 by Donnie
“Packola is one of the best services I have had yet to come. I have never experienced any delay in emails, messages (They respond very quick) or return calls. Secondly, What I honestly love about them is their awesome customer service, “ONE OF THE BEST”, ohh I can’t forgot about there product always 5 STARS. Thanks Packola team”
Verified buyer
Just what we were hoping for May 23, 2024 by Sarah H
“Just what we were hoping for. I appreciated their willingness to work with me on a proof revision and also for the email and phone calls with updates.”
Verified buyer
Thanks Packola for providing beautiful… May 23, 2024 by Alison Mefford
“Thanks Packola for providing beautiful custom packaging again! The quality is outstanding once again and the shipping time was even faster than the timeline originally provided to me. Will be continuing to use Packola well into the future!”