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Shoe Boxes

High quality printing on durable Corrugated Cardboard.
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Sell the Shoes and the Unboxing Experience

Shoes have become more than just protective foot coverings in today’s culture. They have become a form of self-expression, a crucial part of a person's style, and even a symbol of status and wealth. So, if you want to stand out in the shoe-selling business, you need to do more than just sell the shoes. You also need to sell the unboxing experience. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to create the perfect custom shoe boxes for your brand.

Four Ways to Customize Your Shoe Boxes

If you’re wondering how to personalize your shoe boxes and provide a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, here are four ways you can do so.?


Whether you are selling flats or bulky basketball shoes, you can pick the right size for your boxes. Set the length, width, and height of your custom shoe boxes according to the following ranges:

Length: 3" x 25"
Width: 2" x 25"
Height: 1" x 15"

For reference, the length of an average shoe box is between 13" and 14" regardless if it's for men or women. When it comes to width and height, men’s shoe boxes are 10" wide and 5" tall while women’s shoe boxes are 7.5" wide and 4" tall.?

The shoe boxes of toddlers usually have these dimensions: 7” x 5” x 2”.


We use only the best corrugated cardboard in crafting your shoe boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are great for heavy and bulky shoes. The following options are available: standard white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard with glossy ink, and Kraft (brown) corrugated cardboard.

Printed Sides

Another way to customize your shoe boxes is by choosing the printed sides. You can opt for the usual where only the outside panels of the box are printed. You can also try a different approach to make your box stand out: print on both the inside and outside of the box. Create a cohesive design that extends from the outside to the inside of the box or leave a message or promo code inside the box. These are just some of the ways that you can promote your products and boost your branding using custom packaging.


Here’s a pro tip: your customers already know what shoes to buy. They did their research and probably have visited your store (if you have one) once, twice, or a hundred times to see the shoes in person or try them on. Your shoe boxes should be designed with that in mind. Whether it’s the color palette or artwork, the graphic elements in your box design should be consistent with your branding to help improve brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchase.

Full Shoe Box Specifications

Interior Dimensions

Customize based on the following ranges:

  • Length: 3" x 25"
  • Width: 2" x 25"
  • Height: 1" x 15"


Corrugated Cardboard

  • Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard with Glossy Ink
  • Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

Printed Sides

  • Outside Only - Full Color
  • Inside Only - Full Color
  • Outside & Inside - Full Color
  • No Printing (blank)


  • Custom Quantities

Turnaround Time

  • Standard: 10-15 business days
  • Rush: 6-8 business days

Get Your Custom Shoe Boxes Without Breaking the Bank

Orders of any quantity are welcome here at Packola. Whether it’s our product boxes, mailer boxes, or shipping boxes, you can pretty much get any number of boxes you need whether it’s one or a hundred. If you are not ready to commit to a large order yet, you can always try our sample boxes first so that you can see the quality of our boxes and printing.

The specifications of our boxes can be customized in one page using our online price calculator. Set the dimensions and choose the material, printed sides, and quantity to get the total price of your order in just a few quick clicks. You can proceed to designing your boxes after that or place your order first and just upload your design later.