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Elevate Your Cosmetic Packaging

custom cosmetic packaging

Packaging plays an integral part in beauty, cosmetic, and wellness products. They give the first impression of your brand, raise awareness and, over time, increase brand recall. Some customers base their purchases solely on the look of your packaging, so yours must stand out.

7 Tips To Help Your Cosmetic Packaging Stand Out

  • Make It Easy To Use – Don’t you hate it when you need to bring out scissors or a utility knife to open a package? Your packaging has to tread the fine line between being easy to open and secure enough to hold your products safely. Keep it simple, and don’t overcomplicate things.
  • Make It Portable – Makeup bags aren’t getting any larger. Your product packaging should be as small as possible without compromising the quality of the box, pouch, or product. Remember that bag space is at a premium.
  • Make It Reusable – Upcycling is in. Whether your packaging can be repurposed for cosmetic use or as a pill box, or jewelry organizer, the important thing is that your boxes are not single-use. Allowing your customers to reuse packaging reduces waste and extends your branding efforts.
  • Use Sustainable Materials – Take a proactive stance in environmental matters. Consumers today are vocal in their support for carbon-conscious and socially -aware businesses. Packola’s corrugated cardboard materials are sustainably sourced, compostable, and recyclable.
  • Take Advantage of Transparency – Don’t hide. Show your customers what you’ve got. You can add windows to pouches so customers can see what they’ll get with your cosmetic products.
  • Add Packaging Accessories – Strengthen the branding of your beauty products by adding more. By adding different layers to your packaging, such as hang tags, tissue papers, and custom labels, you get to boost name recall. It looks fantastic in unboxing videos, too!
  • Include Bonuses – Throw in small, simple gifts to make your cosmetic packaging memorable. You can include custom stickers, small brushes, face masks, or other products with each purchase. The additional costs involved can be offset by word of mouth and repeat business.

In the beauty industry, good first impressions matter. Presenting your best foot forward is critical. It helps you stay competitive and relevant. Another helpful tip to remember is to choose a reliable printing partner to translate your vision for your packaging. Packola provides full-color custom printing for cosmetic boxes and packaging accents. Connect with us today to find out how you can elevate your cosmetic packaging.

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