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Cosmetic Boxes and Packaging

custom packaging


Exude Elegance With Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Give your beauty products a boost with cosmetic packaging. When you’re selling beauty and elegance, your packaging has to have an air of sophistication as well. Our custom boxes are printed in vivid, eye-catching full color, making it stand out whether it’s displayed on a shelf in-store or delivered straight to your customer’s doorstep.


How to Design Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

  1. Choose a Signature Color Palette:
    Colors evoke emotions. Determine the feelings you want your products to convey and choose a palette that resonates. Neutrals may suggest elegance, while bold hues can shout confidence. Pastels might convey softness and femininity.
  2. Fonts Matter:
    Your typography should not only be legible but should also complement your brand's personality. Elegant scripts for luxury brands, bold typefaces for standout products, or minimalist fonts for clean, modern aesthetics can be used strategically.
  3. Embrace Patterns:
    Patterns can elevate the visual appeal of your packaging. Consider geometric designs for a modern look, floral patterns for a natural or vintage vibe, or abstract art for unique and bold packaging.
  4. Highlight With Metallics:
    Gold, silver, or rose gold foiling can add a touch of luxury to your packaging. Used sparingly, metallics can accentuate logos, product names, or special ingredients.
  5. Texture Play:
    The tactile feel of the box can make a difference. Embossing, matte finishes, or a mix of gloss and matte can add depth and intrigue to the design, making it not just a visual but also a tactile experience for the user.

Cosmetic Packaging FAQs

Q: Can I add a special finish to my cosmetic packaging?

Yes, you can. We offer spot UV, embossing, window cut-outs, soft-touch, or foil stamping for cosmetic product boxes. Contact us at or call us at 1-855-PACKOLA to request a quote for the custom finishes. 

Q: Can I print inside the cosmetic boxes?

Yes, you can print inside and outside the custom cosmetic boxes.

Q: Will I be able to see how my box design looks like?

Yes, our 3D Design Studio offers a live preview of your cosmetic box design. You can view what your box looks like from any angle, and what it looks like when it’s open or closed. 

Print Your Cosmetic Packaging With Packola

What are the other benefits of ordering your cosmetic packaging from Packola? Being environmentally conscious is one! The cardstock and corrugated cardboard materials we use are all sustainably sourced, compostable, and 100% recyclable. Consumers today are more conscious about supporting eco-friendly companies that are proactive in minimizing their carbon footprint.


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