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Common Cosmetic Packaging Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

custom cosmetic packaging

The beauty industry is as competitive as they come. You need every advantage to work in your favor. One of the most important aspects to focus on is the packaging. Cosmetic packaging plays a key factor in drawing attention to your brand and becoming recognized. It can spell the difference between being top of mind to being ignored on the shelves.

To ensure that your beauty products get the attention they deserve, avoid these common packaging pitfalls:

Top 7 Cosmetic Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Inconvenient Packaging – Your packaging should protect products but still be easy to open. Don’t add too many plastic wrapping or other layers that are not necessary. There’s elegance in simplicity.
  2. Choosing the Wrong Size – For cosmetic packaging, one size does not fit all. Your product should fit your box perfectly so that it doesn’t rattle around while in transit. Ill-fitting boxes can lead to damaged goods and returned items, which can get expensive fast.
  3. No Emotional Connection – Make your packaging speak to customers. Building a connection with your clients takes time, but great design can instantly click. Think about your target market and their needs, then translate it into packaging.
  4. Complicated Design – Packaging shouldn’t be a puzzle that needs to be solved. Keep it simple and straightforward to avoid confusion or even rage when your customers try to open your products.
  5. Low-Quality Boxes – Using inferior materials for your packaging will lead to customers thinking your products are inferior as well. Remember that you’re selling beauty. It’s important to partner with trusted and reliable printing partners such as Packola who use high-quality materials for packaging.
  6. Ignoring the Environment – Being environmentally conscious is important for businesses. It reflects your values as a brand and show that you are playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint. As much as possible, use eco-friendly packaging materials, such as corrugated cardboard.
  7. Incomplete Information – Use labels to your advantage. Add all pertinent information such as the ingredients, usage instructions, and potential allergens. Aside from being a requirement by the FDA, being transparent with your details makes you look professional.

With cosmetic packaging, it’s all about balance. You need to attract attention while keeping the design simple and elegant. Make sure that you have a durable and sturdy packaging that is also eco-friendly. Find your business an online printing partner who ticks all the right boxes. Print with Packola today.

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