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Packola_quick budget friendly packaging solutions

3 Quick Ways to Spruce up Your Packaging on a Budget

Revamping your box design can be a time-consuming and costly investment.

It makes sense to dedicate resources if you're doing a rebrand or rolling out a huge campaign where the strategy calls for a total redesign.

But for smaller, seasonal promotions where packaging is more of a practical necessity, it can be more economical to work with what you already have.

So, we'll focus on some strategic touch ups.


Break Out of the Box

The most impactful changes can come in unexpected forms!

In situations where all you're looking for is a quick spruce up, we're here to help you complement your boxes with quick and cost-friendly packaging solutions to elevate customers’ perception of your brand and products.


1. Reinforce branding with tissue paper and stickers

Custom tissue paper works amazingly well with boxes.

Incorporate brand colors and create a step-and-repeat pattern with your logo to elevate visual appeal and brand recognition.

Branded tissue paper also adds an extra layer of protection to your product. You can use it to neatly wrap items or crumple the tissue to provide padding for delicate pieces. If there's some extra budget left, why not go further? We have the perfect product to seal the deal!

One of the frequently asked questions we get from customers is, "What can I use to seal the tissue?"

You can use tape or wafer seals. But if you want to impart a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, we recommend custom stickers for a more cohesive look.


A little inspiration for your next big idea!

Pun Dulce Studio specializes in custom stationery, greeting cards, and calligraphy.

Gabriela, the owner and designer, wanted to create a fun experience for her customers through packaging that they would love to keep and gift!

"I designed everything at the same time (style guide, packaging, new products) so I had a clear vision of what I wanted everything to look like, especially once I assembled it,” she shares.

“Every single detail was thoughtfully chosen, and I'm so happy that I went with Packola for this product. I often get comments of "'it was like opening a present!""

Pun Dulce Studio connects people across the country and across the street with fun &and pretty details. Visit to learn more.


2. Secure customer loyalty with custom tape and hang tags

Trust requires years of consistent quality to establish.

Whether you're just starting out or have already made a name in the industry, it remains crucial to continually build trust with your customers. One of the ways shoppers will keep coming back to you is if their orders arrive in the best condition every single time.

Custom tape helps ensure their items arrive safe and sealed, and your brand front and center. Branded tapes also assure customers of product authenticity, underlining your commitment to delivering quality products and a memorable unboxing experience.

If the budget allows, custom hang tags also offer a quick packaging boost that further signifies your brand's attention to detail.

You've delivered your products safely, why not go the extra mile to let them know how to keep their orders in the best shape for as long as possible?


A little inspiration for your next big idea!

Joylicious is a candy and dessert-inspired body care and accessory boutique.

Owner Joy Matali wanted colorful and eye-grabbing packaging that customers would want to share on social media. She was a little worried about her packaging supplies due to high minimum orders and price points until she found Packola.

"I compared a lot of those different companies, but I was overjoyed when I found Packola matched the quality and the price point I’m striving for."

Watch Joylicious pack an order here.


3. Look polished and professional with custom labels

If you have a plain kraft box or a generic pouch that needs a design upgrade, custom labels provide an affordable way to instantly enhance packaging appeal without extensive alterations.

This flexible solution allows your business to easily tweak your packaging to follow trends or align with promotional campaigns.

Even with a limited budget, branded labels can significantly improve the overall aesthetics of your box or pouch, presenting a more professional image.

Incorporating interactive elements like QR codes can also boost consumer engagement, enriching the customer experience at a minimal cost.


A little inspiration for your next big idea!

BKLYN CLAY is a ceramics studio with membership, classes, and events.

Jennifer Waverek, owner and director, wanted low-fuss, recyclable, customized boxes to snugly fit and protect their handmade pieces. She shares,

"The packaging is considered but not overthought, elevating the unboxing experience while keeping the focus on the ceramic work."

Check out their line of ceramic dinnerware and pieces designed and produced by their team at BKLYN CLAY Made.


Make a killer impression with affordable packaging enhancements!

Visit today and explore the transformative potential of budget-friendly packaging solutions to effortlessly adapt to changing trends, outshine the competition, and foster unwavering trust with your customers.