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32 Surprising Things You Can Ship in the US
Things You Can Ship in the US

Can You Ship It? 32 Surprising Things You Can Ship in the US

More than 36 million packages are being shipped daily in America. Shipping in the US offers a surprising range of possibilities, extending far beyond the usual parcels and letters. From living creatures to exotic delicacies, here are 32 unexpected items you can legally ship across the country.

Living Creatures

  1. Can You Ship Live Honeybees? Yes, live honeybees can be shipped through the US Postal Service. There are strict regulations to ensure their safe and humane transport.
  2. Can You Ship Pet Fish? Many tropical fish stores will ship fish to your home aquarium. Proper water conditions and packaging are crucial.
  3. Can You Ship Insects? With certain restrictions, insects like crickets and mealworms can be shipped for reptile food or educational purposes.
  4. Can You Ship Live Lobsters? Live lobsters can be shipped overnight to ensure they arrive fresh and ready for your culinary creations.
  5. Can You Ship Baby Chicks? Day-old chicks can be shipped through the US Postal Service, though some states have specific restrictions.
  6. Can You Ship Sea Urchins? Live sea urchins can be shipped overnight, often destined for sushi restaurants and other culinary uses.
  7. Can You Ship Leeches? Medical supply companies can ship Leeches for medicinal purposes.
  8. Can You Ship Snakes (With a Permit)? Some non-venomous snakes can be shipped within the US, provided you obtain the proper permits.

Food and Culinary Delights

  1. Can You Ship Baked Goods? Freshly baked cookies, breads, and cakes can be shipped with proper packaging to ensure they arrive delicious and intact.
  2. Can You Ship Exotic Fruits? Fruits like durian, mangosteen, and rambutan can be shipped within the US. Restrictions may apply depending on the destination state.
  3. Can You Ship Exotic Meats? Exotic meats such as kangaroo, alligator, and rattlesnake can be shipped frozen within the US, adhering to specific guidelines.
  4. Can You Ship Caviar? This luxury food item can be shipped with overnight express delivery to ensure it remains fresh.
  5. Can You Ship Dried Herbs? Culinary and medicinal dried herbs can be shipped domestically, allowing you to enjoy unique flavors and remedies from afar.

Unique Gifts and Projects

  1. Can You Ship a Greeting Potato? Absolutely! You can send a potato with a handwritten note directly, adding a quirky touch to your message.
  2. Can You Ship Live Christmas Trees? Companies specialize in shipping live Christmas trees nationwide, ensuring your festive centerpiece arrives fresh.
  3. Can You Ship Mushroom Growing Kits? These kits can be shipped to your doorstep, allowing you to grow your mushrooms at home.
  4. Can You Ship Science Experiments? Science supply companies can ship live mealworms, brine shrimp, and other tiny organisms for science projects.
  5. Can You Ship Science Kits? Science kits containing live organisms like mealworms and brine shrimp can be shipped for school projects and educational purposes.
  6. Can You Ship Fine Art? Valuable paintings and sculptures can be safely shipped through specialized art shipping companies that provide secure packing and insurance.
  7. Can You Ship Art Supplies? A wide variety of art supplies can be purchased online and shipped directly to you, expanding your creative possibilities.

Practical and Essential Items

  1. Can You Ship Cars? Yes, auto transport companies can ship cars across the country, making long-distance relocations much easier.
  2. Can You Ship Frozen Embryos? Medical facilities can ship frozen embryos for fertility treatments using specialized shipping containers to maintain appropriate temperatures.
  3. Can You Ship Blood Samples? Medical labs and research facilities can ship blood samples, ensuring proper temperature control and packaging.
  4. Can You Ship Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals? Specialized containers allow for the shipment of temperature-sensitive medications, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
  5. Can You Ship Embalmed Bodies? Funeral homes can ship embalmed bodies across state lines with the necessary documentation.

Fun and Unusual Items

  1. Can You Ship Live Crickets? Cricket lovers can have their feeders shipped directly to their homes, supporting reptile care and other uses.
  2. Can You Ship Blowfish (Properly Prepared)? Properly processed and prepared blowfish, or fugu, can be shipped with the necessary permits despite its highly poisonous nature when mishandled.
  3. Can You Ship Fireworks (Sparklers Only)? While most fireworks are illegal to ship, sparklers and other novelty items can be shipped with proper labeling.
  4. Can You Ship Pet Snails? Non-invasive species of pet snails, like giant African land snails, can be shipped domestically.
  5. Can You Ship Exotic Plants? Certain exotic plants can be shipped within the US, although regulations and permits might be required.
  6. Can You Ship Greeting Cards? Personalized greeting cards can be shipped, adding a special touch to any occasion.
  7. Can You Ship Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals? Specialized containers allow for the shipment of temperature-sensitive medications, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Shipping in the US encompasses an impressive variety of items, each with its own set of rules and requirements. Whether you're sending a unique gift, fulfilling a culinary craving, or supporting a scientific endeavor, the possibilities are extensive and often surprising.

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