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custom box inside printing

4 Compelling Benefits of Interior Printing for Boxes

Make your packaging boxes beautiful inside out!

72% of American consumers agree that packaging design often influences their purchasing decisions. With this in mind, it makes sense to step up your packaging game.

Aside from stunning prints on your external packaging boxes, interior printing is also worth the investment if you want to keep your brand on top of customers’ minds and increase your retention rate.

Below are some advantages of inside printing with great examples from the Packola community!

1. It increases brand awareness.

Make the most out of your packaging boxes with inside graphics associated with your industry.

This way, you can educate your customers about your brand as they unbox your products. You can add your logo, business name, and tagline, or you can choose to incorporate company values just like how Creoworks did with their custom boxes.

Aiming for a museum-quality effect, they kept the exterior of their box clean and simple. But when opened, a bold interior lined with the company's values is seen, complementing Creoworks' elegantly arranged custom tabletop samples.

Better yet, be straightforward and print on the inside of your boxes your brand’s logo, QR code, and services just like Executive Coatings did.

This helps convey your message seamlessly, plus it’ll be easier for your customers to take photos of your box and merch for the Gram.

2. It levels up unboxing and customer experiences.

Give your customers a wonderful surprise with appealing inside prints.

The unboxing experience helps customers decide how they feel about your brand. The way your packaging looks and feels affects their first impression—and first impressions often last. Sure, it’s thrilling to receive a package that comes in a box with attention-grabbing external prints.

But imagine the impact when you surprise the receiver with well-thought-out details like inside prints. It’s a sensible way to connect with your customers emotionally so that they would want to extend their experience on social media.

Check out Duxbury Saltworks’ inspiring and Instagram-worthy packaging.

"Our custom box was created to inspire and delight our customers as soon as they receive our sea salt. The design conveys our mission to bring pure, 100% natural sea salt and flavorful custom-made sea salt blends to kitchen counters and dinner tables everywhere."

You can also thank your customers through inside prints and add your social handles to reinforce your brand online.

Take RES•IN•credible branded packaging design as an inspiration – beautiful inside out!

More and more people are sharing unboxing experiences on social media, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Due to its popularity, many businesses are investing in great packaging to boost their social media presence and to ultimately translate engagement to higher sales.

3. It enhances personalization.

Presenting your product in a well-designed custom box makes your brand instantly recognizable. Plus, customers can see and appreciate your effort through your packaging.

Giving your custom boxes a more personalized touch like inside printing gives customers the impression that you’ve given the packaging some time and thoughts to ensure quality. By adding value to your boxes with charming prints inside, you can make the receiver feel more special.

Mister Bandana’s packaging, for instance, adds eye-popping inside prints to their boxes, reflecting the dazzling products they offer.

4. It helps reduce the chances of theft.

Although outward packaging prints are great, they can draw the attention of porch pirates. This is where inside printing comes in handy.

Hillside Studio has a great example of using a lowkey outside print with fascinating graphics inside their boxes. This design is brilliant because it helps keep the package safe and it's attractive.

Using interior printing can help boost your brand and build loyalty among customers. It’s a unique and impressive means to present and deliver your products while creating memorable unboxing experiences.

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