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How To Order Custom Boxes

Here's a step-by-step video on how to order your custom boxes from

2. Enter your measurements

3. Choose the box material, printed sides, and quantity

4. Create your box art using our 3D Design Studio

5. Add to Cart and complete the order process

We'll take it from here!

Choosing the Right Box to Order

We offer three different custom box types. Each one is fully customizable: size, material, style, and quantity. Choose one that fits your needs best.

Product Boxes Mailer Boxes Shipping Boxes
Material Options Available
  • 14 pt. Cardstock
  • 18 pt. Cardstock
  • 24 pt. Cardstock
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard with Glossy Ink
  • Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard
  • Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard with Glossy Ink
  • Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard 
Available Dimensions
  • Length: 0.75" – 30"
  • Width: 0.75" – 20"
  • Depth: 1.75" – 20
  • Length: 3" –25"
  • Width: 2" –25"
  • Depth: 1" –15"
  • Length: 2" – 30"
  • Width: 2" – 29"
  • Depth: 2.5" – 32"
Style Options
  • Straight Tuck End
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Snap Lock Bottom (1-2-3 Lock)
  • Auto Bottom
  • Seal End
  • Roll End Tuck Front with Dust Flaps (RETF)
  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

How to Measure Boxes

One of the most important things to consider in ordering custom boxes are the measurements. Correct dimensions can spell the difference between saving money to costing your company thousands of dollars. The biggest tip to remember in ensuring the correct box measurements is to always the interior dimensions, never the exterior. Measuring from inside guarantees that any product falling within the same dimensions will fit inside a box. When you measure from outside, you run the risk of products not fitting due to the thickness of the material, especially when thick corrugated cardboard is used.

Check out our step-by-step guide on How to Measure Custom Boxes.

Packola Custom Box Use Ideas

Custom boxes are one of the most flexible pieces of product packaging you can use to elevate your branding. Whether you need to print a few for custom giveaways or thousands for e-commerce order fulfilment, personalized packaging greatly boosts your brand’s image and reputation.

We offer three different box types, each with special features made for specific storage purposes. Here are a couple of ideas:

Product Boxes Mailer Boxes Shipping Boxes 
Cosmetics Subscription Boxes Wine Shipping Boxes
Soaps Promotional Kits Grocery Boxes
Essential Oils Ecommerce Packaging Storage Boxes
Medicine Gourmet Food Packaging Clothing and Apparel Shipping Boxes
Retail Boxes Clothing and Apparel Boxes Bulk Shipping Boxes
Custom Wine Boxes School Boxes  
Gift Boxes    

Designing Is As Easy as 1-2-3 With Our 3D Design Studio

Creating custom box designs need not be complicated! Our free 3D design studio takes the guesswork out of the process, giving you an intuitive, hassle-free experience. Since you can see every inch, every nook and cranny of your design, you can easily avoid costly mistakes. You can create and preview the changes in real-time – no back and forth with designers over the phone. Get started with a dieline template, then add images or text, and play around with colors, shapes, and patterns. You can even view your custom box open or closed.

Before you start the design process, complete the order information from the product page first. Choose the box type you need: product box, mailer box, or shipping box. Once you’ve chosen the box style, complete the required information – dimensions, material, quantity, print sides, and so on. After you’ve entered all your requirements proceed, click ‘Design Your Box Online to enter the 3D Design Interface’. You can finish your custom artwork in 3 easy steps:

  1. Using the dieline template as a design guide, add details such as text, logos, patterns, and images to your box.
  2. A 3D simulation of your box in both open and closed states will appear on the right side of the screen.
  3. When you are satisfied with the design, click Add to Cart.

Still need help with designing your boxes? You can contact us at, 1-855-PACKOLA, or through LiveChat.