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halloween palette custom boxes

Pick a Halloween Activity Based on This Color Palette

What do you have planned for Halloween? Nothing yet? Glad you found this list.

If you want something cozy and to just hang out with your friends or family, then THIS might be for you.

P.S. There's a chance you'll pick up design inspirations for your Halloween packaging, too.


It's simple! For every color in this Halloween palette, we will recommend a business from the #PackolaCommunity who can provide you with all fun, no fright things to do on All Hallow's Eve.

Okay, maybe not the exact colors, but close enough.

We think.

Humor us.


1. Cackle — sorry, chuckle — the night away with Eltondore

Gather your coding buddies for a laid-back night of good food, drinks, and... a coding wizard?

Created by Bea (@coderbea), a software engineer in San Francisco, the " Tales and Adventures of Eltondore the Coding Wizard" will leave you with byte-sized chuckles that will only grow with every episode.

The webcomics from the creator's bogwarts series capture the day-to-day follies of work and life (most relatable to its audience) that are best dealt with a laugh.

According to Bea,

"I started bogwarts in June of 2019, right after graduating college. I was bored out of my mind and did what any millennial would do -- go on Instagram and look for the meaning of life there."

Besides finding "really good pictures of Ryan Reynolds", she also stumbled across amazing webcomics that inspired her to make her own.

Eltondore's full-color printed edition is available in paperback and hardcover. But if you're thinking of gifting this to a colleague or to someone who has an interest in programming, then the box bundle is the gift-ready option to check out.

Visit to learn more.


2. Ditch fear, discover fierce with She Got The Juice

Fire up your inner magic through the power of self-belief!

But life gets in the way and sometimes, magic takes a back seat. So, if trick-or-treating is not in your Halloween plans, grab this chance to make the night's celebration an "IT"S ME SEASON!"

We know just the brand to offer encouragement.

Founded by Ms. Kamille, a Queens, NY native, She Got The Juice is "a compliment, a statement, a love language, a dope, black-owned way to celebrate women."

The brand started out as a holiday gift to friends. A card with "woman is power" in bold print over the likeness of the late actress and singer, Aaliyah.

The original design resonated with her audience, and Ms. Kamille wasted no time in taking the idea from paper to several collections of pocket-sized reminders (pins, patches, and stickers) to be your best.

Watch the unboxing!


Impressed by the brand's badass boxes, we asked Ms. Kamille to share why it's important to create custom packaging for her products.

"As a consumer, one of the things I love is great experience. As a founder and owner of an e-commerce brand that honors women and allies, I wanted the same.

It's important for me to ensure that the supporters of my brand feel special from the moment they see the packaging. The intention is for it to be inviting and to make them as special as they are.

Now, this was the first time I created boxes, and I wanted it to be powerful. I wanted to incorporate my brand's colors with a strong message and statement, 'You are a badass.’"

Visit to learn more.


3. Play matchmaker between kids and a good read

Your chances of babysitting on Halloween are low but never zero.

Keeping the children engaged and entertained is a no-brainer. And while there are several options to pass the time, you might also want to introduce a fun and quirky read to match the night's vibe.

"A Zombie For Mommy" by American Sci-Fi novelist Yvette Kendall, tells the story of Mahari, her mom, some imaginary friends, and a surprising new character who she thinks will change her newly divorced mother's life for the better.

It’s an absolute treat for young readers as the book comes in a box filled with goodies! According to Yvette,

"I wanted the readers to feel as if the boxes are a fantasy version of the book. Now they can read and enjoy the experience on a different level."

Grab a copy on Amazon.


4. Wine, dine, and interior design

Your space needs a "costume" change, too! Start a new Halloween tradition by doing an artsy activity with Design Pool Patterns!

Founded by Kristen Dettoni, Design Pool Patterns is an innovative company that makes customization easy for interior designers, architects, and product designers.

They offer an extensive online library of original, licensable patterns.

When pandemic restrictions prevented them from meeting with clients, Kristen's team decided to create a box of samples designed to feel like a present in the mail.

"We had one of our original designs printed on the box and sent it out to editors and potential new clients, hoping to catch their eye.

As a new business with a small budget, we got a lot of bang for our buck with these beautiful little boxes. They even traveled through the mail and arrived looking great."

Create your next amazing design at


5. Brew and boo

Challenge the gang to share the most outrageous ghost story they know, while you all learn how to brew beer.

We made a pour decision of not including beer in our last Halloween list, so here it is!

The Brewer’s Lab is a craft brewing venture by entrepreneur August Comstock.

The business started out as a hobby. But this soon transformed into an earning passion project which enabled August to take craft brewing to the next level.

He wanted customers to experience the same brewing process done by professionals, so he spent months perfecting his products, the process, and of course, the packaging.

"I knew from working at an e-commerce company after college that the unboxing experience was also a crucial part of the experience. You want your customers to feel excited when they’re opening your package and to be hooked on that experience from the start.

That’s why I love using Packola for my business."

Read the full story here!


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