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Which Box Size Fits Your Brand?

Regardless of shape, size, or fragility, your products deserve a box that fits the message you want to convey.

Whether that message highlights your brand's attention to detail, commitment to quality, or sustainability efforts, choosing the right box size plays a vital role.

Tailored Box Size Customization

Branded packaging is more than just a means to transport customer orders; it's also a great tool to elevate product presentation, brand differentiation, and customer engagement.

All of that combined allows you to deliver a memorable unboxing experience for your clients. And it starts with the right box size.

Take a look at how the Packola community customized their packaging's size to achieve a professional look!


Small and adorable boxes for Soothing Eyes’ reusable eye covers

The makers of handmade, professional-grade eye covers, Soothing Eyes opted for a compact Kraft mailer box to keep their products snuggly in place.


"The Soothing Eyes fit perfectly inside this adorable box ?? "


Need something this small? Head over to our mailer box page, enter your desired dimensions, and click the "Design Your Mailer Box Online" button to see it come to life in 3D!

For more details about the Soothing Eyes’ light-blocking eye covers, visit Their products are hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, and the perfect addition to your self-care routine.


Slim and straightforward boxes for the WKNDERS' custom itineraries

The WKNDERS' no-nonsense packaging will have you cheering for the WKND!

Their custom packaging adds an extra touch to the thrill of receiving their boxes, each containing personalized itineraries for your next adventure. Given that these boxes only contain printed documents, their slender size is ideal for their contents.


"I really do love the quality of my boxes!
Everything came out even better than expected! ????"


New to creating custom packaging? Here's an easy-to-follow guide on how to use Packola's 3D Design Studio.

Created by digital creator Katie Hernandez, WKNDERS provides curated experiences through custom itineraries delivered right to your door.

Let them plan your next trip at


Big and beverage-friendly boxes for Lucky Rock's canned wines

Lucky Rock packs their shoppers’ orders to the nines! With branding and tailored protection in mind, their customers can expect dent-free canned wines that are ready to add refreshing flavors to their pantry.


Discover the benefits of right-size packaging with some inspiration from other small business owners.

Lucky Rock Wine Co., by brothers Aaron and Jessie Inman, is on a mission to "change the wine culture to feel more inclusive and less intimidating by making wine with high standards and zero pretense."

Check out their shop at


Custom boxes for TrailFork's meal kits!

"We use Packola to ship our custom meal kits out to adventurers. We love the boxes; they are so beautiful and such great quality. We also use them for trade shows, displays, and any other time we’re trying to impress our customers."


Did you find the right box size with Packola? Share it with us!

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