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holiday boxes and holiday packaging essentials
How to Plan for Holiday Packaging

Plan Your Brand’s Holiday Packaging Strategy

Yes, you’re late, but the next best date to start strategizing for the holidays is now. Throughout the year, there are plenty of marketing opportunities to be had that coincide with national holidays, and in some cases, completely made up events. National Coffee Day, anyone?

Make sure your packaging game is up to task weeks, or even months, before the holiday actually starts. This way you’re able to build anticipation and momentum that will hopefully convert into sales.

How can one effectively plan holiday packaging, you ask? We outline five key factors after the jump.


5 Ways to Plan Holiday Packaging

  1. It's never too early to start – With holiday packaging, doing things earlier is always better. For one, you won’t have to contend with the stress of the holiday rush. Pacing around wondering if your custom boxes will arrive in time is counterproductive. By planning early and producing the custom packaging you need in advance, you unburden yourself (and your business) of stress.
  2. Be aware of your printer's timetable – Printers work with tight schedules to ensure production and deliveries hit their deadlines. With the high volume they encounter during the holidays, they won’t be able to accommodate requests to expedite orders. Make sure to order your packaging needs according to your printer’s specified timetable. For example, here is Packola’s Holiday Production and Shipping Schedule for 2022.
  3. Design with your brand in mind – Even if you change things up packaging-wise for the holidays, keep design cues that have become synonymous with your brand consistent, like your logo, brand colors, fonts, or slogans. This way, customize recognize your brand, even with a festive spin, your branding is still recognizable to your customers.
  4. Know your audience – If your brand will use custom packaging for the holidays, make sure that it resonates with your core audience. Take into account their likes, dislikes, and purchasing habits. Is this specific design something they’ll go for? For example, Red Bull has a strong presence in the world of winter sports, so it would make sense to add snowboarding iconography to their holiday packaging. Adding knitting patterns would not.
  5. Work within your budget – Lastly, follow a budget and stick to it. Holiday packaging is a nice thing to have, but it’s not something you have to go into debt for. Plan early and identify the limits of your budget. Once you have that, it will be easier to maneuver. Got a big budget? Go all out with full-color custom boxes. Working with a modest one? Handing out free stickers with every purchase should suffice.


Custom holiday packaging adds a fun and festive element to your marketing, but it takes time and preparation to be successful. Follow the five tips we’ve outlined above so you can greet the next holiday with a bang.

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